Motorstorm 2 trailer delayed till Wednesday 12th March at least

French site JeuxVideo has given some bad news today that Sony has now postponed the release of the exclusive video of Motorstorm 2 till at least March the 12th. So put that new date in your diaries.

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eagle213999d ago

I will be watching this one. And buying it too!

InMyOpinion3999d ago

If the trailer of a game is delayed you can bet your <optional body part> that the game will be delayed too lol!

3999d ago
InMyOpinion3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Are you insane?

I thought it was funny to read that a trailer of a game was delayed. I mean how often do trailers get delayed? It's bizarre. With so many delays on both the 360 and PS3(and some on Wii also) I thought it would be fun to joke about it. I guess you can't take jokes.

No need for the name-calling. I didn't bash anything in my comment. Before you report my comment as offensive, maybe you should check what you wrote yourself.

pwnsause3999d ago

Jenzo, have fun getting baned for a week.

InMyOpinion3999d ago

Baned? "Fail!" as you like to say lol. You mean banned, right? Why should I be banned? For questioning you and tidus007's complete lack in writing rational comments?

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BlackIceJoe3999d ago

Why did it have to get delayed I was so looking forward to the trailer. I even got to stay home today and not have to go to work because the school I work at got a Snowday. So I would have been able to see the trailer when it went live. Now when the trailer gets shown I will have to see it after it has been on the web for some time and that sucks.

mighty_douche3999d ago

ahhhh! Waited all day to watch this.. : (

If they're putting me through the agony of another week it better kick ass!

Storm233999d ago

I am really looking forward to this game and can't wait to see it. Hope it has an amazing debut!

IzKyD13313999d ago

whats the point of delaying a trailer?

poopsack3999d ago

I guess the trailer hasn't gone gold yet

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The story is too old to be commented.