Playstation Home Screens: Part 5

Here are the final batch of Home Screens from Fragcast. There are a total of 6.

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mindedone4190d ago

You mean there are WOMEN in home?

cr33ping_death4190d ago

uugghh.... i pray to god those arent guys creating female characters...

fenderputty4190d ago

when I played an MMO for one year of my life, a lot of the men were actually women trying to avoid immature little jerk offs. There were those odd men playing as women though. Man ... the internet can be a wierd place.

InYourMom4190d ago

You beat me to it! I love how they also try to have a female in all the PR videos/shots when you know HOME is going to be one big sausage fest.

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Spike474190d ago

yes It's a sick-minded thing indeed.

Now I think HOME is gonna be a sucess for PSN, and in my opinion no other network will bring the ssame amount of quality and fun than PSN when HOME arrives.

All this content and new ways to interact for FREE!!!

InYourMom4190d ago

if you want to live in an empty building or in a cardbox box. Heck, it looks like even the "houses" in HOME cost money.

Maybe you can be the first homeless person in HOME?

whoelse4190d ago

The basic apartment is free. Which is good enough for most people.

Sheddi4190d ago

how do u dance casual :P?

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The story is too old to be commented.