Samsung first to ship 500GB 2.5" drive

Samsung is the first manufacturer to actually ship 500GB 2.5" harddrives. Fujitsu and Hitachi have also announced the intention of launching 500GB 2.5" harddrives, but none of them have actually delivered yet. There are two more things that separate Samsung's 500GB drive from the other two. All three will use three platters to reach 500GB, but Samsung is able to fit all three inside the regular 9.5mm height measurement, while Hitachi and Fujitsu had to increase the height by 3mm. Also, the Fujitsu drive operates at a lower RPM; 4200 vs. 5400 for the Hitachi and Samsung harddrives.

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VigorousApathy3877d ago

This is good news. the PS4 will want something like this. And to all the people who somehow think downloading games over the internet is the future and Blu-ray autoloses well I bet you finally feel vindicated now. For only $300 you'll be able to own 5 100 GB 8th generation games, or 10 current generation games (150 X-Box 360 games). What more could a gamer ask for? And if for some strange reason you want more than 5 games you can get a second HDD you glutton.

Kirstenlottesovs3877d ago

i dont think that a PS4 is going to have a 500GB hdd, given that technology constantly gets better, were sure to have more around 1TB in the PS4.

If the price listed on the page is the price its going to be sold for, then i'll definately buy one for my PS3

Mattearl3877d ago

A PS4 down the road... its going to have WAY more memory than 1TB.

There was an article about Sony's new HDD... the one that can fit 1TB on 1 square-inch of space?! Anyone remember that article.. it was on here a couple days ago.

mindedone3877d ago

That was 1Tb, not 1TB. It was 125GB/in^2 not 1000.

eagle213877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

that's a lot of space!

paul_war3877d ago

Thats all the storage you should need for this gen. I've a 250gb PS3, still with about 120gb left.

xsteinbachx3877d ago

i've put a 160gb in my 60gb, but if these are reasonably priced i might get another upgrade.

kewlkat0073877d ago

I just bought a 320GIG , I thought that was the biggest...

Technology pisses me off...

fenderputty3877d ago

lol .. it's exponential increases are tiresome at times. Cool ... but it's hard to keep up.

Amp3877d ago

hope these bubbles make you feel better, that was a funny line "Technology pisses me off..."

meepmoopmeep3877d ago

my 160 should suffice but damn, 500GB is pretty sweet being in a 2.5"

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The story is too old to be commented.