God of War III to hit Spring 2009?

PSU Writes:

Beginning today, Gamestop and EB Games are taking pre-orders for God of War III. As of now they have the title listed to release March 2009 and for $59.99. Since Gamestop receives their release dates from their distributors, our guess is that SCEA plans to have God of War III ready sometime around Spring to Summer of 2009.

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sonarus4187d ago

lol considering all the games have hit in march yea march would be anyones guess. I really hope they are far along with this title. I hope to see it revealed at E3

kevoncox4187d ago

I would have loved to see this an NG go head to head.
Gamer bliss

mighty_douche4187d ago

Sorry dude but are you really comparing Ninja Gaiden to God of War?

SnakeDiesinMGS44187d ago

Yeah seriously Kevin...God of War is a good game but just a button smasher. You can beat the whole game using the same weapon and attack. Ninja Gaiden is an extreme action game. Takes mad skill to beat.

mintaro4187d ago

i can see where this is going.....

kevoncox4187d ago

Thats not what I was going with this.

There a both button mashers.
Yes NG has mor eof an advanced combo and combat system and it has more combat elements but they are both very similar in design. Enter area and clear area of bad guys

gambare4187d ago

trying to compare NG with GoW if both were movies is like trying to compare green fried tomatoes with 300 (in that order)

Seraphim4187d ago

the problem with that is that every single GoW game was scheduled for release Holiday but bumped back to March. So if Sony is planning a March release I'd actually expect the game to drop in Fall. It's been a trend with the GoW franchise. Not that it's a bad thing. Obviously those extra months have paid off because GoW is a spectacular game every time it hits the market... But if the development plan is March I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually released in the Fall...

At the end of the day we all know how reliable retailers are. absolutely, positively 100% not reliable. Guaranteed Sony would say that there's no release date scheduled if asked right now...

deeznuts4187d ago

ThaModzRaJoke, Yup. Just like it takes mad skill and effort to change a leaking pipe, compared to calling a plumber to fix it and making love to my GF at her house while waiting.

But I'll tell ya which one is more fun ...

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BigKev454187d ago

It will be fall 09 that it comes out, mark my words.

Storm234187d ago

But March is the month for these games. I think we will see it March 2009, or it will get delayed to March 2010. haha

TheExecutive4187d ago

march 05 march 07 march 09... see a pattern?

deeznuts4187d ago

Don't forget March 08, Chains of Olympus. I understand its' a different dev, but it continues its pattern.

mighty_douche4187d ago

They just want your money sat in their bank making interest for the next year.

They have no more an idea of the release date than you or I.

cr33ping_death4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

true...... but say some younger gamer ( 25 here) hasnt got a job and goes on allowence alone, they have the opportunity to pre order and pay the game off before the release date. id do it but first an HDTV for me :)

edit: to all who are reporting.....yeah this is gamestop but then again how many devs have said " our game is coming out this date " and end up delaying. even cliffy b said the date for GEARS is just a month and not a set date..... god forbid they delay GEARS 2 :( but seeing as how every GOD OF WAR game has been released in MARCH its a safe bet the game would be out then.

BrianC62344187d ago

Maybe we should all pay in full for a copy of GOW3. Here Gamestop, take my money. I'll wait a year.

No thanks. I'll buy the game but no way am I pre-ordering it for $5 a year early. Is there a special demo of the game at least?

PSWe604187d ago

I don't like doing pre-orders until there is a rock solid release date, then again, HAZE has had like what? 10 release dates?

sonarus4187d ago

yea me too. Nothing more annoying than having pre ordered a game to have it delayed. Almost fell into the haze trap. I will pre order approx a month before the game releases

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The story is too old to be commented.