Sony vs Microsoft: Who Wants the New GTA IV Gamers More?

According to Mike Hickey - an analyst at Janco Partners - quoted by the Associated Press last month, "...5 million copies of GTA IV will sell the first week of release, on par with last year's record-breaking $300 million first-week sales of Bungie Studios' Halo 3.

"Hickey said Rockstar's hush-hush promotional effort – more viral, less in-your-face than the Halo 3 campaign – could give GTA IV an edge".

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decapitator4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )


decapitator4186d ago

Well if anything I'd say Microsoft because they were as far as to pay 50Mil to Rocstar to secure exclusive content for the game. Not only that, from what I hear, the game will be marketed heavily for the Xbox 360 and the average Joe who normally would not know what "DLC" is, can write a book about it after the advertisement.

With that said, Sony have Getway series. If they can turn the game around, and make it a better game, it would be right up there with GTAIV.

fenderputty4186d ago

first game in the series, I think they need to put more effort into it. The PS3 fanbase was already assuming the game would come. Sony doesn't think they need to put out as much effort as MS to see the type of sales they want.

sonarus4186d ago

when it comes to advertising and marketing sony is just lazy. They certainly don't take it as serious as Microsoft. Msoft needs GTA4 the most because they don't really have that many great exclusives coming out this yr. They have good multiplatform titles though. However sony too has plans for GTA4. They are aware of how GTA4 can turn the tide for ps2 owners eagerly waiting for a reason to switch to next gen. So expect something from sony as well

deeznuts4186d ago

MS' first game in the series? I could have sworn some of the other games were on the Xbox.

ColdWinter4186d ago

i think microsoft wasted alot of money paying for exclusive content cuz every gta game is like 10x bigger than the last and i only made it about half way in the last one and if u r not one of those people who can make it to the end of the game then buy the ps3 version cuz the 360 cant be left on long and u dont want the RROD right before u get gears 2, another thing is that u wont be getting those content till late next year and its gonna cost u which makes no sense to buy cuz if u havent finished the game y would u pay for extra missions plus the ps3 controler is better for the game cuz thats what ur used to

Bloodwar4172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

I do believe that MS payed the 50 million for the extra content with the intention of not charging the consumer for the content. Mark my word. However, Rockstar is also creating additional DLC that will be available for both consoles and that content probably will be charged for a fee. The 50 million dollar content will be free to the consumer. Trust me.

And the exclusive DLC for the 360 is going to be off the hook. Imagine playing the PS3 and 360 version. The 360 version will have many additional missions that pop up outta no where. You might be walking by a house and hear someone slapping his wife around. You walk into the house to see a battered woman, so you walk up to the punk wearing his wife beater t-shirt and beat the "F" out of him. This downloadable content is just going to give more reality to the game, and its going to, simply put, make your experience on the 360 even better. You may get side missions with your various in game contacts that can't be found on the PS3 version.

And if I am hearing truely that GTA IV is going to have multiplayer content then they could pull out some pretty decent co-op missions with some of that 50 million dollars. According to what I am hearing there will be two exclusive releases for the 360 version. One will be released in 2008 and according to Rockstar, depending on what the gamers are saying, they will tailor the other exclusive expansion based on what the gamers want and should be released in 2009. You can be a console fan and talk smack all you want about the other console, but at the end of the day, if its about the content, and you already own a PS3, then its time to jump camp and become a multiconsole user and get your Xbox 360. Being a multi-console user is very beneficial for the player considering both consoles have their exclusives and there is nothing wrong with MS taking this stance as Sony had done in the past for the other GTA games.

And lastly, Rockstar is a company that truely does do its part to make a damn fine game. Its evidenced in practically everything they send out. They have already said they have no intention of shortchanging the gamers getting the exclusive content on their 360's. Do I trust Rockstar? You bet I do. Am I getting the 360 version of the game? Of course. And to Coldwinter, is the RROD pretty much a dead issue? Yes it is. MS has been taking care of those consoles. Mine burned out on me twice, but as good as the 360 is as a gaming console, its easy to forgive MS for the RROD.

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VigorousApathy4186d ago

Maybe Sony just figures that GTA V won't be able to fit on a DVD so they don't have to pay 50 million dollars to win a brand that should never have gone cross-platform in the first place.

I wouldn't worry about Microsoft though. They can just cobble together a new console every time they want more money and apparently people will buy it (twice if they release a 2nd model that includes features needed for gaming).

BigJeebz084186d ago

Wow I can't figure out which of your two statements I agree with more! They are both SPOT ON!

Exhaust4186d ago

First, GTA IV never would have went multiplatform if Sony would have shown any interest. Sony didn't approach Rockstar for exclusivity like they did last generation. It wasn't a bedding war. MS walked into an empty party and bid for everything they could get. Rockstar would have stayed with Sony given the opportunity.

Second, If you know anything about the console industry platform holders don't make money the first couple of years a console is out. So your statement that MS will "just cobble together a new console every time they want more money" is patently false. Uninformed fanboy garbage.

Next time post your fanboy garbage in the open zone ----->

Spydiggity4186d ago

ps2 came out before xbox, xbox 360 came out before ps3. seems fair to me. it was still a 5 year gap between systems and there's no talk of a new xbox for at least 2 more years. take your fanboy nonsense elsewhere.

VigorousApathy4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

How is the three year gap between the release of the X-Box and the X-Box 360 still a five year gap? And how did you manage to get 4 agrees and 0 disagrees for figuring that? I can't blame them if it is because they are really, really anti-math, but still...

Extra Guy4186d ago

Err that's why he said there are 2 more years to go...

Some people.

VigorousApathy4186d ago

Yeah I guess you guys can't be bothered to read what he actually said, some people indeed...

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damnwrx4186d ago

And why would I switch to xbox360 when I have a PLAYSTATION 3, infact i've already pre-order my copy.....

Monchichi0254186d ago

I personally know tons of people who have switched from a PS3 to a Xbox 360. Pricepoint and Halo were their main reason. But I expect GTA to sell more on the 360 for a couple of reasons.

1. Install Base
It's a fact that 360 has tons more systems currently on the market then the PS3. And with the majority being here in the U.S., you know us Americans love our violent games!!

2. Price
This is a mass market game so it will be attracting the mass market who holds no loyalty to any systems. They will see a 360 at a reasonable price, and scope it up just for that reason. And don't talk about hardware issues because the average Joe has never even heard about the RRod issues.

3. Exclusivity
To experience the entire game, you gotta pick up the 360 version, and you know MS will make you well aware of that! That's why I'm getting the 360 version.

iHEARTboobs4186d ago

To experience the entire game you can pick up any version. Rockstar isn't selling part of a game. Sure if you want to experience more then pick up the 360 version. What will be the dlc? Who knows. Will everyone buy it? No. Most? Don't know. If your average joe doesn't know about PROD, then why would he know about MS paying for extra dlc?

chasuk084186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

You say you know "TONS" of people (probably not even 5) that have switched to xbox for mainly price and halo. Id like to ask when was this, when the ps3 first came out??. Now the ps3 is as cheap as the 360 theres no excuse over price, and halo, i wouldnt even start on that peice of crap.

And you say about Exclusivity, why would people who own a ps3 care about this, the only reason 360 owners want this is that they know they dont have any decent games coming out before november so they have to have something to play on right ? Why would we care about a 5-10 hour expansion when we are getting amazing exclusives such as mgs4 ,tekken6 ,LBP, gt5 and more which can easily total 200+ hours of gameplay.

Plus i believe GTA4 will be an amazing game with or without DLC, did vice city and san andreas have DLC, NO, and they are 2 of the most enjoyable games ever

4186d ago
TheWickedOne4186d ago

So if you don't like one game your not a "True" gamer, please. That's one of the dumbest fanboy comments I've heard.

Monchichi0254186d ago

I said calling a game a piece of Craap just because it's from a competing system, is not being a true gamer. It's obvious to anyone that Halo is ATLEAST "Good."

TheWickedOne4186d ago

Ohh I thought you said "any true gamer can see how brilliant Halo 3 is", my fault. Anyways GTA4 is gonna rock on any console.

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PimpHandStrong4186d ago

that GTA will be on par with Halo in terms of first day sales but i dont think it will match that on the 360 alone. Maybe im wrong

With this game hitting both the big systems it will blow away all games that have been sold to date on any next-gen system.

I dont know the numbers on COD but i do think GTA will make a bigger impact on the pockets of the ppl that made it.

Im just happy i get to play it

Exhaust4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Maybe maybe not. But I totally agree with you on it overall beating Halo 3 and COD4 being multiplatform.

Grand Theft Auto is a household name. No other game for any platform is as well known. Grandmas have heard of GTA.


SUP3R4186d ago

You're right because even my mom is looking for to playing this game and I'm being very serious, she's in her 50's.

jwatt4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Yea I think they both do but they're doing it in a different way. M$ is trying to let it be known as much as possible that it's coming out for the 360 with dlc.

Sony on the other hand are pretty much quite about Gta coming to the ps3 but you have to look at thier strategy. Sony is releasing Dual shock 3 and GT prologue about a week before GTA4 comes out. They want to create alot of momentum before gta comes out and by releasing two great games around the same time will help push more hardware.

Like I said before the 360 will sell more gta's because of install bass but push more hardware for the ps3. Alot of people are going to want gta on the ps3 since most played it on the ps2 and GT prologue and the DS3 will make thier choice easier.

I wouldn't be surprised if they released Home a week before or after GTA comes out.