Gamepro: First look at Saints Row 2

Saints Row was released in 2006 for the Xbox 360. And to the astonishment of many game critics, it was rather great. On the surface it was little more than a clone of the popular open-world, Grand Theft Auto-style of play. But if you dug deeper there was plenty to love: sparkling hi-def visuals, amusing lowbrow wit, and a bevy of bizarre side missions (such as Insurance Fraud) that were actually more enjoyable than the main storyline. It was, and is, a great game.

Since Saints Row sold oodles of copies, it's no surprise that the developers at Volition (of Red Faction fame) are hard at work on a sequel, due out this year for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Gamepro recently saw the game in action on the Xbox 360, and these were the highlights.

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Exhaust4187d ago

Total GTA rip off but it was the first time a GTA type sandbox game came to next gen and it was great.

Wonder when this is coming out. They're probably going to launch close to holidays to stay well away from GTA IV.

eagle214187d ago

They just promised SR2 won't be bug free. What does that mean? Any bugs in the first?

Exhaust4187d ago

Straight up it had some issues but still a great game. I love sandbox games and espcially GTA so i really liked it.

creeping judas4187d ago

the MP was buggy as s**t!! the SP had a few frame rate issues. But other then that it was a great GTA clone.
If you enjoyed GTA then youd enjoy Saint's Row.