Zelnick on Take 2's Bright Independent Future

The Hollywood Reporter writes: ZelnickMedia has been in the headlines as of late as operator of video game firm Take-Two Interactive. But the firm, launched by former BMG CEO and 20th Century Fox president and COO Strauss Zelnick in 2001, has invested in a range of companies, including media agency ITN Networks, online research firm OTX and Japan-listed indie label Columbia Music Entertainment.

While many media and entertainment stocks have been under pressure in recent years, ZelnickMedia's investments have shown an internal rate of return of more than 30%, according to sources. Zelnick spoke to The Hollywood Reporter's NY bureau chief and business editor Georg Szalai.

THR: Which sectors of media do you like?

Zelnick: We are very, very excited about interactive entertainment. It's really the only growth area in the pure entertainment business. That's why we're in the Take-Two deal. That will be a really exciting field for the foreseeable future.

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DarkSniper4000d ago

Beyond Grand Theft Auto, this purchase would mean terrible news for sports fanatics such as Dark Sniper himself.

With the purchase, EA would acquire 2K games. The same people responsible for the All Pro Football series, MLB 2K and NBA 2K series. If this dear were to be complete, EA could more than likely do away with the award winning NBA 2K series and only have NBA Live on the market.

Any basketball gaming knows that this would be a sad day in gaming if this were to happen.