Gametap: MLB 08: The Show Review

There's more to The Show than the hits and misses of a rising star or the roar from the stands when they root-root-root for that home team. In fact, there are an overwhelming number of features in this game that should keep even the most die-hard fan happy until next spring.

Pros: Unbelievable player animations and details; Road to the Show is addictive and fun; hearing the crowd chant "over-rated!" to A-Rod in a playoff game.

Cons: Collision detection issues; arguing with air; if they charge the mound and fight in real life, why can't Gametap throw punches in the game?

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Cartesian3D4188d ago

amazing animations,character models and details.. MLB 2K8 is a joke compare to MLB 08:The show..

Great score ..

Cop_Boy4188d ago

Such graphics can only be achieved on a ps3 and damn isnt this game awesome !!!

sonarus4188d ago

sony scored a homerun with this one. Now lets see what san diego studios can do with NBA09. NBA2k9 will be the best of the 3 basketball games but they can at least outplay EA's out-dated live

pwnsause4188d ago

well they have to bring "the Life" back to nba 09.

ikiru33854188d ago

in all honesty i am not a big fan of baseball games, but when i played the demo i was hooked. definitely looking forward to this one.

PimpHandStrong4188d ago

and played 6 hours straight. Its the first MLB game i have bought in maybe 5-6 years and i can say with all faith its the best sports game i have ever played.

Road to The Show is really a nice change of pace after playing 4-5 games of my teams season...

GO Cubs GO

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