Are Mergers Resulting in Publishers That Are Too Fat?

Anyone with an eye on the industry can see that videogame publishers have been merging quite often in recent years. Squaresoft and Enix became bedfellows. Namco and Bandai joined forces. Sega began making kissy faces with Sammy. However, it wasn't until Activision merged with Blizzard that the real repercussions of this trend required our utmost attention.

Not to be outdone, it appears that EA is now on the prowl to hold onto its spot as the top publisher. With the recent acquisitions of Bioware and Pandemic, and offers to consume and take good care of Take Two, it seems EA may become more formidable than ever. Also, it would be a mistake to forget the portion of Ubisoft shares currently possessed by EA .While the attempted acquisition of Take Two seems to have fallen through for EA (for now), one might find it difficult to refrain from asking "What if?"

What would this mean for gamers?

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