Three reasons to dust off your PSP

Chad Sapieha of The Globe and Mail likes his PlayStation Portable, but it collected dust for months after he finished last fall's captivating quasi-historical strategy game, Jeanne D'arc. Happily, it's been seeing steady action again for the last few weeks, thanks to three engaging new titles hailing directly from Sony's own development teams.

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RIPHDDVD4004d ago

I use my PSP more than my DS. The PSP is good for more than just games.

That's why PSP > DS for me.

Dark_Vendetta4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

I also have the DS and PSP but both are dusty. I know you can't compare the handhelds with the consoles but if you played a few games on the Ps3/360 you'll never touch the PSP/DS again (only if you are on a trip or something similar). God of War should change this for a few hours

sonarus4004d ago

yea i only really play my psp on the plane. Usually buy a new title every time i travel. However i played madden 08 in bed lol plan to do the same for god of war chains of olympus as well. Did anyone see the tv spot for this game yet was Fvkin awesome. GOW always has the best commercials with the nice narrative and all

redninja4003d ago

I think there are way more than "three" reasons to dust it off.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4004d ago

Crisis Core

Hell I bought PSP for Crisis Core ONLY!

grilledgorlupa84004d ago

Same. Square Enix knew my weakness for Final Fantasy 7

BigKev454004d ago

I was looking to dust off my PS3, but now I can with MLB 08 the show!

mighty_douche4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

3 reasons to dust off your PSP? how about 1.... its bloody dusty, you messy buggers.

But seriously, Remote Play, it makes sitting on the toilet a much more pleasurable experience.

jinn4004d ago

cuz its been lying in dust for 3 years

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