90° Rumour mill: X360 Crysis and PS3 Video Store

The Rumour mill is's run-down of the big rumours currently doing the rounds in the video game industry. Every week hunts down the juiciest stories and gives its opinion on how legit they are. So, whether you want the ridiculous or the plausible, read on.

Rumours this week:
PS3 Video Store to open in spring
Disaster: Day of Crisis to hit Europe in May
In-game XMB set for summer
Crysis shown running on Xbox 360 at GDC

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gambare4188d ago


"Update: 1:50 PM EST Wednesday 3/5

Several readers have voiced concern over the validity of this report and believe that it was CryEngine2 being shown, and not Crysis itself."

mighty_douche4188d ago

Yep, i believe it was basically the same as the TECH DEMO Epic showed at GDC that many claim or advertise as the Gears Of War 2 trailer.

If memory serves me correct, the original rumour stated the demo showed "attributes" of Crysis.

The developers use their games to show off the engines as it's something the viewer can easily and quickly associate with, and recognize any improvements or changes.

power of Green 4188d ago

Posting an update of seculation as proof of the reports from GDC as being incorrect.

The speculation from the update is far more unbelievalbe than the reported game shown on 360 at GDC. lol

gambare4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

enjoying your ban?

and you maybe meant this:

power of Green 4188d ago

I see you're sticking around making sure every member see's it the way you understand it. lol.

Maybe who ever seen it was so ignorant of the title Crysis he confused a tech demo with the title/game?. lol

power of Green 4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Whats that link have to do with whats being reported based from the rumor thats dam clear about the "rumor" being about the game.

The update says a number of readers say its the engine like who!? you and others like you?, readers doubt the validity of the rumor *DOUBT*?, is it true or not if they know better say why this is the same thing as the tech demo for future games
. lol

We'll know soon enough if the informer was misspoken calling the tech demo" the game Crysis. Dam even your supposed proof is pointing out that the person *could* have misspoken lol.

heyheyhey4188d ago

yeah it's pretty good

how's 360df extra-defensive squad working out for ya

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bootsielon4188d ago

You mean power of dipsh1t

power of Green 4188d ago

"At Crytek’s own booth, a representative from the studio revealed to me that the game was indeed being shown running on the Xbox 360, but only behind-closed-doors.

As much as I pleaded, the rep would not allow access, but did reveal that they were showing the game to prospective publishers."

If this is to be believed the insider was so ignorant of the difference between games and tech demo's he was misstaken?.

Are you saying they got Crysis the game running on 360 or ported the title to convince publishers to invest in the Cry engine?, anythings possible.

IF you're right its the wording of the post thats incorrect and it should have been called a tech Demo, did insiders claim the Gears 2 TD was a game?, if the wordings right you're an idiot lol.

heyheyhey4188d ago

i love it when people randomly start talking about something the original poster didn't even mention

he called you Power of dipsh!t

he didn't ask for your analysis on the Crysis situation

games4fun4188d ago

this site should have a rule that they do not accept rumors of any kind anyway

"Flame On!"

etownone4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

i think everyone here should agree that Crysis has the graphics to date for a game.

so be it, your loyal to 360 or ps3, it should be really interesting to see which console handles/performs Crysis better and at what specs compared to PC.

If 360 handles the game better than PS3, than that will be HUGE as far a braggin rights and among the Xbox community, and vice-versa for ps3.

I guess the fate of global domination braggin rights to the game with the best graphics to date is in the developers hands.

MasterChief28294188d ago

The only thing that was holding Crysis back was RAM according to a developer. The 360 has more RAM than the PS3 so it will probably run better, but I'm not sure about what else. I think at GDC they stated that they now can get Crysis running on an Xbox 360 and PS3 in between Medium and High Settings if it were to be on those consoles. That's pretty damn good. I'll settle for that. :)

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