F.E.A.R. Achievements

The F.E.A.R. achievements has been revealed. The game has 47 achievements with a score of 1000 points. Earn the points both online and offline, but the majority of the points are from the campaign mode. Read more to view the full list

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willud4skins5900d ago

some of those look pretty tough. and not too fun. i doubt ill be getting this game, though it looks good.

Sphinx5900d ago

I never played it for the computer, and the demo is awesome.

FireAss4ssin5900d ago

most of those achievements points are by doing the campaign over and over again...doesn't sound too fun and the demo was ok, I was expecting it to be alot better

Optimus Prime5899d ago

i agree. much rather enjoy gow and call of duty 3 than this.

zonetrooper55899d ago

I'm still getting this game as the demo was amazing for me. Even though it was the demo from E3'06 so it should look as good or maybe better than the PC version.