5 reasons why GT5: Prologue is a full game and not a demo

From PS3 Attitude: "If there's one Gran Turismo 5: Prologue question I get asked more than anything else right now it is 'why should I pay £25 for a demo?'.

And it would appear this is not an isolated issue. I see the same sentiment across the 'net and in the glossy magazines that land on my doorstep.

So here are 5 reasons why GT5: Prologue is actually a full game, and worthy of your twenty-five notes..."

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fenderputty4186d ago

I'm not buying this thing twice. I don't want less then half the game ... to end up buying the full version months later.

decapitator4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Months later??? Dude, you might wanna write GT5 off as NOT coming this year unless you wanna wait till next year. There is no way in hell Sony would release two racing games in the Same year within a matter of months.

This is not priced as a full game to begin with so I dont know why you whinning. Have you ever played a demo with over 60 games before ? Didn't think so.


BeaArthur4186d ago

I am not paying $40 for half a game. I would rather wait for the full version and pay $60 for it. Not to mention it has already been revealed that they want to use this as a testing ground for the multiplayer so we don't even know how well the multiplayer will function in the Prologue. It looks great and I am curious but I would rather wait for the full version.

fenderputty4186d ago

WTH are you talking about? I am no troll. When I say months, I know its more like 10+ months. I'm a huge PS supporter and was simply stating why I have no interest in buying the prologue. I've been here for almost two years and have yet to troll. Pull that large stick of glass our of your arss.

What the hell is this site coming to?

Massacre4186d ago

then ummm Dont ?

Man can't wait till March.

decapitator4186d ago

No need to get offensive. You stated your opinion and i disagreed. What you are doing is trolling and you disagreed which is cool but no need to be offensive brah.

Lets keep it civil

Silellak4186d ago

decapitator, dude, he's not trolling. He's stating a perfectly valid opinion in the context of the article. Disagreeing with the point of the article is not trolling.

Trolling is posting with the sole intention of annoying people. I didn't get that sense from EITHER of his posts.

ALItheWISE4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

How is that trolling??? You are the one trippin here. i agree with putty on this one...

fenderputty4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

enlighten me one the definition of trolling. As far as I'm concerned, stating my opinion on why I don't want to buy the GAME (not demo) is trolling. It sure as hell ain't whinning either BRAH.

Who in the hell trolls a console section that they support more then any other? Maybe you ought not jump the gun and start accusing people of trolling.

decapitator4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Ok my fault if I went overboard with the "troll" comment. But the over all point of my post is I disagree with him. thats all.

sonarus4186d ago

well i personally am a big fan of the Gran turismo series. There will probably be dwnloadable content that will add cars that will also be free:). The real reason for buying GT5 for me is the online racing and yea the graphics. LOL Its finally time for true GT fans to test their skills online. Going to try to set up some GT5 races for N4g gamers where we will have set rules like no bumper car racing and not cutting through the grass. Can't wait for this game...its going to be awesome.
If GT5 was going to come out this yr i could wait but i am pretty sure it will probably miss this yr. Even then its hard to resist the game. Granted the 40 dollar price tag is high(should be more like 25) but it is what it is.

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Lord Anubis4186d ago

it's a demo, Polyphony wants to test the only portion of the game and want to keep the GT fans busy while they wait for GT5.

shadowghost7524186d ago

not getting it, no car damage, would rather get WipEout HD

Rai4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

that story has a point...its got everything a real game would have and at a lower price. Car damage is so stupid, it doesn't make the game anymore real, if the car goes at 150mph and hits a wall and doesn't get crushed then its just as fake as having no car damage. at least without the damage you can see the pretty car. remember they use real cars from real car companies, the companies won't let them break their cars. yamauchi won't do half ass car damage like in the other racers, he wants it to be right.

moujahed4186d ago

Yea Wipeout HD is gonna rock.

niall774186d ago

and way more cars so for $40 its not a bad deal.

eagle214186d ago

My main reason for buying it (which will be my first prologue) is the online. I need practice so I won't look noob when the full game hits and those 1.5 to 2 million prologue owners won't be OWNING It's my TURN! lol

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