Rumor: Xbox 360 to get DivX/Xvid support

Dutch site were invited to a training sessions for shop employees, and managed to get quite a spicy rumor.

It's been possible for a while now to play DivX movies on the Xbox 360, but so far it involved using converter codecs taking a DivX original and converting it to WMV on the fly on a MCE PC.

"After the event I had a short talk with the host and asked him whether there'd ever be support for DivX and Xvid playback. Much to my surprise he started telling me that Microsoft is working hard to implement this and a firmware update is expected within 2 months allowing you to play DivX and Xvid directly on the 360."

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SjaakHaas5899d ago

Let the pron-streams begin!

JasonPC360PS3Wii5899d ago

This will be nice, lots of TV shows to stream.

power of Green 5899d ago

And lets not forget MS and Dirrect TV are in the middle of an deal for movie watching on XBL and in the near future there will ba an Dirrect TV Blade. This is why i don't understand that artical that gave the media section of Next-gen console's review to the PS3.

no_more_heroes5899d ago

Xvid is just DivX backward?

Krimson5898d ago

ZOMG you're a geniuis!!

Xvid was created to give people a free alternative to DivX (ie: It's open-source).