Gametap: Frontlines: Fuel of War Review

The in-game visuals of Frontlines are respectable but bland, with a decent amount of AI on screen at one time, and predictable attention to explosions and physics. The character models are detailed, though most marines look interchangeable and there aren't distinct lighting effects worth mentioning. What Frontlines does well is its presentation. The artwork has a likable comic book sensibility and the apocalyptic premise, which feels a little like Starship Troopers, matches up well with it and the voice-over work.

Pros: Fun and accessible war toys and gadgets; likable online game types and maps complete with vehicles and gadgets; an overall good presentation.

Cons: No high points, bosses, or challenges make the single-player campaign repetitive and bland; it's short; and the sniper rifle is mediocre at best.

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