Sony CEO Talks $200 Blu-ray Players, PS3 and Apple TV

Everybody clamoring for a cheap Blu-ray player now that the format war is over might wanna bide their time with a sweet DVD upconverter-the $200-player Blu-ray cavalry is at least a year away, according to Sony Electronics CEO Stan Glasgow, who we talked to today in New York. "I don't think $200 is going to happen this year. Next year $200 could happen. We'll be at a $300 rate this year. $299 will happen this year."

The mighty morphin' PS3 SKU-from 60GB to 40GB, backward-compatible or not-isn't going to stop shape-shifting. When asked "Will there also be another PlayStation with Blu-ray built-in? Glasgow answered that "there's going to be continual evolvement in the PlayStation line" before talking about feature upgrades with software.

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decapitator3999d ago

Sony, make it happen. Rumors are already going around that Microsoft is going to be doing that very soon.

TriggerHappy3999d ago

So does this mean a 300 PS3 this year ?

decapitator3999d ago

Its not impossible but they havent announced anything as of yet.

cmrbe3999d ago

Its just a question of when

pwnsause3999d ago

expect that at E3. thats the best time to announce it. Sony is comming out with two new BD players this summer and fall, the BDP-S550 and the Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray Player they're profile 2.0 ready(the BDP-S350 will have profile 1.1 instead of 2.0, but a firmware update will update it to 2.0),they look both identical, the difference is what audio codecs they use to play the movies. the differnce in cost? High end $500, low end, $400, compare this to the PS3, I can see it drop soon, the 80gb will be at $400 and the 40gb will be at $300(sweet spot price for the 40gb)

timmyp533999d ago

brought down prices. ? lol

decapitator3999d ago

If anything, the prices will start rising again since there is no competition anymore. The only person that can force Sony to cut the price earlier than expected is Microsoft with their Xbox 360. The only down side is, Microsoft are in no position for a significant price cut.

mighty_douche3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Personally i think both consoles currently are excellent value for money, especially the PS3 due to BR. If you look at it from a hardware point of view, they're basically PC's, try building a PC of any quality for their price point.

I paid £450 for my PS3, i thought it was worth it then, i think its worth it now.

EDIT: why are people disagreeing with me? lol... more importantly, why do i care?

fenderputty3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

their prices simply because there isn't competition in the format. The PS3 is still one of, if not the best, players on the market. The only reason they would raise standalone prices is, if they just wanted everyone to buy a PS3. Why would anyone get a standalone if the PS3 becomes signifigantly cheaper.

Plus ... common sense tells us that, they need to get these players out to the masses for the format to be succesful. Prices have nowhere to go but down.

BTW ... I think all these "wait wait, the prices will drop ... dear lord wait" articles are kind funny. I mean it's all a balance of price and desired time of entry into the market. Some people can't wait and pay more. Some people can wait and pay less. Either way, it goes without saying that if one waits, one will be able to get whatever it is cheaper. At least in Home electronics/entertainment.

Jeanne3999d ago

"If anything, the prices will start rising again since there is no competition anymore."

This makes no sense. Sony makes money off of:

1. BluRay player sales
2. BluRay movie format licensing fees
3. BluRay movie sales

It is in Sony's interest to drop standalone players sales just fast enough to not kill 1. while expanding 2. and 3. as fast as possible.

DVD sales are drying up and it is in everyone in both the hardware and content businesses to get BluRay into as many homes as fast as possible.

This is one of the, many, reasons why Toshiba failed with HD-DVD. They cut prices so much no one else was willing to make HD-DVD players since they would just be making either a product no one bought for being more significantly more expensive than the subsidized Toshiba players or sell HD-DVD players for a huge loss.

decapitator3999d ago

Yeah fenderputty, you are right in a way. They may not increase the prices but I doubt we will be seeing a price cut anytime soon. Maybe later on this year.

mikeslemonade3999d ago

The players will drop in price because their is competition between the blu-ray format holders who are making blu-ray players and they want to sell more of their own. For example if Sony gets a $300 player out on the market then Panasonic will also try to drop to $300. The software is what is not going to drop as fast. The 5 free blu-ray deal is something that will not happen again.

deeznuts3999d ago

"If anything, the prices will start rising again since there is no competition anymore"

Oh Shat! When did Sony buy Denon, LG, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, and Sharp?? Because those are all the manufacturers of BD players listed at Best Buy, and you said there is no more competition anymore.

Remember guys, this is MSRP. Street prices will be lower. And Sony is always more expensive: Look to Samsung or Sharp or one of the other manufacturers for cheaper prices and to lower their prices.

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ITR3999d ago

Are we talking $300 PS3? or $300 stand alone players?
Because the current crop of $300+ stand alone players are all those old 1.0 players that no-one wants now..with the coming of 2.0 profile machines.

If this is a 2.0 will it be a Funai or an actual name brand product.
Maybe he's talking about the X'mas dip or something.

gambare3999d ago

the new blu-led makes a cheaper technology for the bluray players, and that makes a cheaper PS3

crck3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

not PS3s.

Sevir043999d ago

Diodes for PS3 bluray and stand alone players are in full supply and cheap to manufacture. a meager $8, and the cell is shifting to 45NM chipset this year while the RSX is already at 65nm. Both new cell and RSX chipsets are going to be sporting smaller Heatsinks which over equates to less power consumption and more profit over time. Sony is already breaking even with the making profit with the 40gigs not supporting any BC and 65nm RSX/ 90nm Cell. while breaking even with the 80g with limited BC and RSX 65nm /Cell 90nm. they said that by april PS3's should start should start sporting 45/45 chipsets so expect buy summer like at E3 they drop the price for clearance and then in spetember right around KZ2 and LPB hits, they drop the price to mass market appeak with a 299 and 399 PS3 in the states.

total take over.

3999d ago
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