Call of Duty 4 Patch Update Info For Playstation 3 From Infinity Ward

Playstation 3 Call of Duty 4 gamers may be wondering what's up with their patch for Call of Duty 4. While Xbox 360 gamers received their patch on Friday last week, the PS3 COD4 patch still remains to be distributed.
Infinity Ward gives a brief update today on its blog.

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Joey Gladstone4182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

in fixing a lot of the annoying issues with COD4.......but in all honesty I would MUCH rather receive some new maps to run around in......Dont get me wrong this game is TONS of fun..and has amazing replay value....but even the most avid player has to admit some kind of boredom with the "same" old maps..
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

BrianC62344182d ago

The US has to wait until the other regions approve it? Not good. SCEE seems to take forever to do anything. Maybe they should release it for the US at least. Europe needs to figure out one main language and have all games in that language. It would really speed things up. I think they have seven now and all have to be approved.

MikeGdaGod4182d ago

i don't care about maps, i hope they put the DS3 patch in. i've stopped playing it until then.

Rockwallaby4181d ago

@BrianC6234, yes lets force all these countries to change their language so you can have your patch on time

Vip3r4182d ago

I hope it's out this friday.

Gaara_7244182d ago

cod4 lags bad enoth (in round war 9vs9 on bog) and this patch made the 360 lag even worse i know it may not happen to the ps3 coz of the cell but i dont wat it to lag anny more than it ocasanly does

Rama262854182d ago

LOL - "i know it may not happen to the ps3 coz of the cell"

Classic comment.

If only the internet was that simple and lag would magically disappear because of the power of the cell lol

Gaara_7244182d ago

yeh if that was u trying to be sarcastic u do know the cell is the most powerfull chip out right now go look in the ginis book of records u will find that and the ps3 in that book

if u where being serious about lag free every one would have to get 8mb or higher internet connection

Rama262854182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

In your first post you talked about COD4 having lag and how the patch made the 360 version lag even more and how the PS3 version might not have the same problem because of the cell processor.

Now I'm not saying anything against the cell, as it is a wonderful piece of technology and I enjoy using it every day.

What made me laugh is that you were saying how the cell might actually affect lag. The PS3 could have 100 cell processors and it'd still lag. As you pointed out in your second post, that lag free would depend on people's internet connection so you sort of contradicted yourself and agreed with me at the same time.

EDIT: @below, no worries. My understanding is that lag is determined by internet connections due to the game being peer to peer and I can't see how the cell has any affect on this?

meepmoopmeep4182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

many governments and scientists will agree about the processing power of the Cell and if utilized in the right way it is a serious processor and one that Intel and AMD should consider looking into its type of architecture to overcome their bottleneck.

if coded right it could lessen the lag on a game by distributing information independently to each of the cores. that's if it's coded right and we don't know what IW has done with it.

the Cell isn't in the Guiness Book of World Records for no significant reason. it's an awesome processor if used right.

EDIT: oh sorry, i thought you were belittling the Cell. forget my comment

Capt CHAOS4182d ago

You just made yourself look very ignorant, along with the person why agreed with you.

Gaara_7244182d ago

when i think about it it comes down to 3 things
1. RAM
2. Prossesin power
3. Internet connection
the higher all 3 are the less lag

caffman4182d ago

use the spell check function

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Rama262854182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

Unfortunately, there hasn't been been any word on whether this will be included or not. I hope so too! I play COD4 the most and it's like the only game I have that doesn't use rumble.

caffman4182d ago

oh riiiiiiight you are talking about the PS3 version

RJ20004182d ago

What is the big deal about rumble? Honestly I LOVE not having it. Can't believe people LIKED it... i must be missing something here.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 34182d ago

Trust me;)
+the HOME features will blow your mind!!! ;-P

Lifendz4182d ago

they got the update done in a timely manner and the holdup is on Sony's end. It shows the dev isn't showing a preference for one console over the other. Good job IW.

LastDance4182d ago

Its funny. xbox has things out first but they always seem to F*ck up.

And every1 complains because sony take too long.

Maybe theres a reason?

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The story is too old to be commented.