Senior insider confirms Euro 360 price drop for March 14


"Speaking under condition of strict anonymity, a senior UK source has confirmed to videogaming247 that Microsoft is readying a European price cut for Xbox 360, saying that NDAs are in place to prevent privy parties speaking on the record.

According to a previous story, the price is going to be cut by €50 across all SKUs on March 14. Microsoft has issued a "no comment" to the news, said the original piece.

The drop would mean the Core pack would be cheaper than a Wii in Europe at approximately £150."

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Meus Renaissance4188d ago

Core = £150
Premium = £220
Elite = £250

Doesn't that make the Premium almost null? Unless they'll drop it by more for the Premium to £200.

The PlayStation 3 by the way is £279. If Sony decided, and that's a big if considering their recent boost of sales, to drop the price to £250 that would make it a fantastic deal considering the package you get with it, WiFi and ofcourse a free Blu-Ray player.

But focusing on Microsoft, they'll get a tremendous boost in the arm with this price. I will be very interested however to see how much hardware they sell when GTA comes out as opposed to how much Sony sell. We will see then if indeed how much of that PS2 userbase will Jump In or remain brand loyal and upgrade to the PS3.

I've always been interested in how much pulling power Microsoft would have throughout the lifespan of their console, if it can break from the barrier of appealing to only the Xbox userbase. Halo 3 sold around 5million copies but we didn't see the predicted amount of hardware to go along with it even though we saw a spike for that month. GTA however is multiplatform, and as Shane Kim said, it's mostly associated as somewhat of a PlayStation franchise. I think bets are off on which version will sell better in Europe, I'm fascinated in how both will perform against each other in the States and the amount of hardware they pull.

That's where the real fight is in the upcoming months with the release of GTA and Metal Gear Solid 4. Sony must take advantage of this and realise this is the time to pull that previous userbase into this generation in one blow.

fenderputty4188d ago

It would be nice to see a price drop before some of the killer apps that are coming out this year. Should be an interesting year indeed.

green4188d ago

The core will now be cheaper than a wii.Well i will like to see which of the skw's GTA4 will push the most.But at that price it could end up being the core.

Now they also need to slash the price of the HDD as well to something far more reasonable.

TheExecutive4188d ago

I wonder if people who buy a CORE will be able to play online in GTA4? they sure cant download the extra content without forking a ton of money over for a HDD.

meepmoopmeep4188d ago

what about North America? I know Canada just had a recent price cut. Hopefully another one

BigKev454188d ago

Who cares if u have a X360 already?

fenderputty4188d ago

You care if, you want the 360 to gain more market share and see some sales growth. If you don't care about that, then there really isn't much of a reason I guess.

BTW ... with a high user base comes exclusives. Software devs love a console that sell a lot of hardware because they need to sell their software.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 34188d ago

The 'Red Ring of Death' with that price??? ;-D

cloud360-7th_account4188d ago

cheap and break easily

also sony will win if ms drop irce beacuase they will as wel

more peole want a ps3 than an xbox because of its repuration with ps2

Mr Playboy4188d ago

At least we have better game library and ports

The gaming GOD4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Because M$ pretty much spoon-fed the industry that they have "better" games.

Having more games doesn't mean you have "better" games

And before any of you claim some sort of fanboy BS on me, I have BOTH a ps3 AND 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.