Diary Girl DS voice chat shames Mario Kart Wii

Konami has today revealed the first images of its upcoming software for the Nintendo DS, Diary Girl. Squarely aimed at the younger female audience, it turns the handheld into a journal/PDA – real-time voice chat included. A Nintendo DS non-game outdoing for one Nintendo's flagship Wii titles - not good.

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l Drop Dead Ed l4190d ago

We have the technology...we just don't want to utilize it...after all you're still going to buy our product...why...because we monopolize software sales on our own system.
Nintendo just doesn't care about the "hardcore" aspect of videogaming. Voice is becoming a popular feature in most up and coming games. It's a shame Nintendo is ignoring this...or are they? Heck I wouldn't....Nintendo is pulling a Rocky hopefully and will take the beatings only to bring innovative pain to the table.

ItsDubC4190d ago

lol so because Diary Girl DS has voicechat, it shames Mario Kart?

In other news, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on the 360 has DLC and therefore shames Mario Galaxy.