2008's Top 5: Fallout 3's Bethesda is number 1 Dev Watch Out for

During X-Play's February 22nd broadcast from the convention, they named makers of "Top 5 Developers to Watch Out for in 2008", from Gears of War 2's Epic to Fable 2's Lionhead studios.

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MK_Red4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Yeah baby, Fable 2 and Fallout 3 will rule although I believe they should have included GearBox with Brothers in Arms 3 and Aliens CM.

Bethesda better make Fallout 3 a game worthy of it's legacy.

PS. Funnay how 4 of the games are number 2s. Gears 2, Mercs 2, Fable 2, Mass Effect 2 (Mentioned along with the PC version). Fallout is the only number 3 and all of them are sequels.

ikiru33854189d ago

they should have included insomniac with their work for resistance 2 and also media molecule for littlebigplanet

TheExecutive4189d ago

pandemic, lionhead, and bioware? Seriously? Who the hell makes these lists?

Where is Media Molecule or Insomniac? What IF GG pulls of KZ2? How about a company called Digital Polyphony(GT5 anyone)?

but no they had to add Fable 2? and the best of all BIOWARE which is only making a PC port to mass effect. This list is retarded and so is Adam Sessler for regurgitating it on National TV.

PS: I cant wait for Fallout 3

MK_Red4189d ago

Agreed on Insomniac, it should have definitly been there.
Pandemic's presense could be due to huge number of it's promising games from Merc2 to Saboteur. Same goes for BioWare with ME2, ME PC and Dragon Age.

Me too, Can't wait for Fallout 3 :)