Improving The Games of 2007

The editors at Primotech sat down with a few of the biggest games that emerged in 2007 and determined what drove them bonkers about each. After diligently diagnosing the issues, they then scribbled out some potential augmentations that could be made to ameliorate their frustrations with these otherwise stellar titles.

To the developers who have created these games: you'll have to forgive Primotech's arrogance. It should be noted however, that Primotech did not arrive at these hiccups hastily or even intentionally. Only after countless hours of examining the gameplay did they encounter these issues, which assuredly vex other gamers as well. After all, the following games are among their favorites of '07 - check out their Game of the Year Awards

Here's how Primotech would change some of the year's most noteworthy games...

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Joey Gladstone4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

It is extremely difficult, and I mean get a game "Perfect" and issue free the first time around, which is why the few rare games that are Top Notch on their first iteration are praised so heavily....but as has been proven time and time again.....Games that are "Great" their first time around, can learn from their mistakes and become Top Notch Franchises on their second go around with fan feedback, and worldwide review information on areas of improvement.....
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

jinn4004d ago

dont forget about Halo 3