360 price cut tipped for March 14

Microsoft is rumoured to be cutting the price of its Xbox 360 in a little over one week's time. Here comes the fight for Grand Theft Auto IV's sales.

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Capt CHAOS4000d ago

They must be making some good money on it buy now.

decapitator4000d ago

They really need it. In a way am happy to see them do this just to see Sony retaliate.

blacsheep4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

the war for this game between sony and microsoft will be interesting to see who out guns the other with regards to this game.

but microsoft do need this title to succeed more due to ps3's strength in their 2008 line up

cant wait for the official figures to see who wins the GTA battle

kudos to microsoft for providing a real battle to sony

mikeslemonade4000d ago

Why don't they drop the price when they actually have the supply to do so? I doubt that in 9 days there will be loads of 360s on shelves.

sonarus3999d ago

unless the whole supply issue was false. maybe they were tryin to build up stock for gta4. if sony doesn't respond then they suck ballz. sony cnt afford to be making many mistakes. d closer d price cut is to GTA4 the better

Mr Playboy3999d ago


I already got 3 xbox360 (jap,pal and US) but, I'm looking forward for Jasper SKU (65nm for CPU & GPU)

Anybody knows the release date of Jasper SKU ???

masterg3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

If you ask me this is a MAJOR mistake.

This would put control of the GTA4 launch in Sony's hands.
Imagine a PS3 price-cut a week before GTA4. The MS price-cut would then mean absolutely nothing. Except of course the one month from the 14th of March of slightly better sales.

Silver3603999d ago

The jasper should be out by august 31

Mr Playboy3999d ago

bubble for you :)

with Jasper SKU It should eliminate RROD

MADGameR3999d ago

They lowered the price because they are getting PWNED by SONY week in and week out.

riskibusiness3999d ago

GTAIV is bundled with a new XBOX360 slim addition. Supply chains were purposely drained IMHO.

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THC CELL4000d ago

bla bla bla i will be getting the Gta bundle for my ps3

iceice1234000d ago

I will be picking it up on my 360 though. With superior load times and smoother framerate.

Dave20014000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

You do realize that the story about the superior load times and smoother frame-rate is fake right?

gambare3999d ago

that's the PS3 version

BrianC62343999d ago

Icewake is delusional. The superior version of GTA of course will be on the superior console, the PS3. The only way Microsoft can get people to buy it for their console is paying for extra content. But who needs extra content? I don't do half the stuff in GTA games. The games are great without the extras. As long as GTA4 is like the last few games I won't care. I just want to be able to do whatever I want. I mostly like to drive around and wreck everyone and get the cops to chase me. The police chases are the best part of GTA games.

Potty Scotty3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )


It's been well documented that Grand Theft Auto 4 was build on the Xbox 360 or is the lead platform. The Playstation 3 version is the port. Every Xbox 360 user will have Rumble, Custom Sound Tracks, Real Achievements in addition to the GTA4 Episodic Content this Fall. The Playstation 3 version has nothing over the Xbox 360 version.

power of Green 3999d ago

Blah blah blah? why in the fuc did you post it?, who caes about the PS3 and its version?.

You posted it to hype it up hoping to make a bid deal out of the rumor in hopes that Sony will hear about it?.

Alcaponeyou3999d ago

if you say and believe in something enough, it might be true (or not)
so why don't you think really hard and believe you have a penis and you just might grow one. (or not.)

The Killer3999d ago

bubbles for u!!
that was funny!!

well with the ps3 they have that extra raw processing power from the cells, so thats should give the game extra edge and more things in screen at same time and more detail in explosion etc!! about frame rate its still unknown about it yet!! and the have 2 months to fix any of these issues if it is present on ps3 version!
i bet there will be 2 DVD's for the 360 version!! when ever they cross to an island they have to change the disk ohh wait thats 3 disks!!

LJWooly3999d ago

EDIT: I just remembered this is the open zone, so my comment has no place here :'(

Play B3yond3999d ago

Lol u retard GTA4 was built ground up on both consoles.The PS3 version will be better...why do you think the 360 is getting a price cut? Because they know without it, it wont sell any copies of GTA.

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princejb1344000d ago

yea me also
i dont need the exclusive content since i doubt ill finish all the missions anyway
ill problably go half way through the game then just start shooting cops and stealin cars as usual
gta is nothing new and will lead me doing the same thing
even thought gotta admit i like the action on it

Exhaust4000d ago

If you suck so bad you can't beat the missions or have A.D.D. to the point you can't focus on an objective without shooting random peds then yeah exclusive content isn't important.

Me and the millions of other hardcore GTA fans disagree.

Get some gamer skills and maybe you can really appreciate the greatness the GTA series offers.

BrianC62343999d ago

GTA isn't really about doing the missions. I wouldn't expect an Xbot to understand though. I don't play GTA games to finish all the missions. That part can actually be really boring. It's more fun to just do whatever you want. Walk around and listen to the wackos on the street talking. Run people over. Get the cops to chase you. Grab a firetruck and smash through everything. Right before you blow up grab another vehicle and keep going.

If anything the missions just get in the way as far as I'm concerned. I do them to open up more of the game but I'd rather have everything unlocked and just get to do whatever I want.

Exhaust3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

"GTA isn't really about doing the missions. I wouldn't expect an Xbot to understand though. I don't play GTA games to finish all the missions. That part can actually be really boring."

Yeah how would you expect and "Xbot" to actually play the game. I guess your saying Sony fanboys just run around in a game and never play it. You're a opinion that the missions are boring is worthless since you don't even play the missions. It's like saying the missions in Uncharted are boring cause you just like to jump from ledge to ledge. You sound kinda slow. Maybe thats your problem.

I'm not an Xbot by the way.

You're sad and you make Sony fanboys look terrible with your retarded comments.

S1D3 EFFEC73999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

You don't need "skills" to play and beat GTA. Go play Ninja Gaiden on Master Ninja and come talk to me about skills, mkay?

Also, the series is also known for of its awesome missions. You can play the game to screw around and to finish missions too. I played it on the original Xbox and I fooled around as much as I did missions. Way to make your self look like a fool BrianC6234, I dint know that only the PS users had fun messing around.

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kewlkat0074000d ago

without MS pushing the competition, we may have not seen Sony cut it's prices so soon or even if MS was not here in the industry, there would of been "NO 3 SKU's" from Sony to help stimulate sales.

Price-cuts benefits us all. While a fanboy will scream "desperation", blind/delusional, as they may be, they do not see the advantages of competition.

I still think, Sony may not cut it's price again so soon. Now that the format war has been decided, they are going to try to cash in, on all the Hardcore Video Enthusiasts, that have been waiting to buy a cheap/upgradeable Blu-Ray player, that the PS3 is + more.

Sony's PS3 is attracting two types of buyers and a bit of both I suppose. I don't think they need to cut prices right away, as the big games are also on the way. Anyhow, should be interesting.

BeaArthur4000d ago

I still personally feel that Microsoft needs to extend the warranties for all failures and not just the RRoD, more then they need to reduce prices. But a price cut right before GTA 4 should increase their console sales. Does anyone else find it interesting that this price cut has been announced right after the HD-DVD announcement?

caffman3999d ago

hell, if sony drop the price of a PS3 I may get one before my holiday!

Glad to be a gamer3999d ago

By having 3 mainstream consoles prices go down, quality/quantity of games goes up and we the consumer win.

mighty_douche4000d ago

Fight for GTA sales?

It's just one game, its not the be all and end all of the console war. Look at games like Halo, sold an absolute shed load but here we are 6 monthes later and it all but forgotten about. Same will happen with GTA. 99% of PS3 owners will drop GTA when MGS is released.

Exhaust4000d ago

Don't underestimate Rockstar. You may think it'll be the same with better graphics but they have tricks up their sleeves. Not everything has been revealed to reviewers.

GTA IV will be more important to the console war this year than MGS4 and GeOW2. The reason is that its releasing on both systems at the same time and has HUGE crossover. Everyone and their grandma has heard the name Grand Theft Auto. Its a household name way more than Halo, Gears of War or Metal Gear Solid.

Wait and see.

mighty_douche4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

dude, its ONE game, and a multiplat at that.

This could be the single greatest game EVER, it doesnt matter, 6 months down the line, something bigger and better will be out/shown and GTA will just be another old game that sold well.

Lets take some of your other games listed, with are all exclusive's, Gears or MGS, once again could be the best thing since sliced bread, it doesnt matter, MGS will not stop 360's from selling, Gears will not stop the PS3 selling.

wait and see.... ummm ok, ill probably play it for a while then play something else, no single piece of software is as BIG as you seem to believe GTA is.

Exhaust4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Okay so you're point of view is that no game matters because something new is going to come out?

Are you trying to say GTA III wasn't massively important to the PS2 last generation?

Yes people will move on to other games but replay value is part of the equation. People come back to GTA after they beat it to screw around in the sandbox. GTA has tons of replayablity and this one has a ton more with the changing dialog and incredible physics.

I never said it would be the end all be all I just said it will be more important than GeOW2 or MGS4. And I believe that based on its innovation, name recognition and replayablity. Can you argue that name recognition doesn't matter too? Sounds really pessimistic to me. Nothing matters.

mighty_douche4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Correct me if im wrong but GTA3 was exclusive!

"Okay so you're point of view is that no game matters because something new is going to come out?"

^No, i didnt say that, GTA will matter for a few months like every other big game, but thats it, a few months, not an entire generation of a console.

Halo 3, the fastest selling game of all time, is it still hurting Sony? Fans claiming its the best FPS ever, 10/10 from reviewers... oh but the COD4 come out and halo is laid to rest, thats the way it goes.

BloodySinner4000d ago

"Don't underestimate Rockstar. You may think it'll be the same with better graphics but they have tricks up their sleeves."

Don't worry about mighty_douche. Had this been Sony dropping the price, he would have said the opposite.

Exhaust4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Yes GTA III was timed exclusive and it was huge for the PS2. Okay so know only exclusive matter? So why do you poo poo the exclusive content coming to 360? Oh thats right cause your a total fanboy that spins everything for your console.

Why don't you admit you're just down on GTA because you're not getting extra content. Both versions will be great and it will have a massive impact on the console war. Exclusive or not.

Also make up your mind. First you say all PS3 owners will drop GTA IV when MGS4 comes out... Now you say GTA IV will matter for a few months. MGS4 comes out only a little over a month after GTA IV.

mighty_douche3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

So now you resort to calling me a fanboy simply because we have a difference of opinion.

That clearly shows ive wasted my time trying to explain my point to you.

Why is it that now if people have a difference of opinion they're instantly a fanboy, generally people who raise the fanboy arguement should look at themselves.

one last thing "So why do you poo poo the exclusive content coming to 360?" please show me exactly where i said a single word regarding the content let alone "poo poo" it?

I have spun nothing either for or against either console, my point was simple, GTA is just a game like anyother, and over time will be forgot, like every other, but you obviously missed that and figured i was some how bad mouthing your console of choice, i wasnt.

Milky3999d ago

Lol I have ps3 and wont even be buying this game so I have enough money for mgs and gt5 prologue.

Exhaust3999d ago

You've been one of the people commenting in every GTA article how exclusive content doesn't matter cause theres already 100 hours and most people just run around shooting people.

I know because one of the only reasons I come to this site is to see anything GTA related. haha

Hey no hard feelings man. I didn't expect you to take offense to being called a Sony fanboy. I thought you owned up to it and were proud of it based on most of your comments. I try to be even on both consoles its just hard since this site has floods of PS3 fans.

mighty_douche3999d ago

It's no problem mate, iam proSony, because personally i like the PS3 more, but that doesnt make me ANTI MS, not at all.

With regards to the extra content, i did say its not important to >ME< as ive never completed a full GTA game as i perfer to just mess around with cop chases and stuff, but i never said the extra content wasnt important or a wate of time. I know some will really enjoy it and good for them, but >ME< saying >I< dont want the extra content is not me being a fanboy, its just me expressing >MY< opinion, which is what the comment section is for.

Nostradamus3999d ago

If you could imagine Halo 4 coming out on both platforms simultaneously, but the PS3 gets extra content.

Its kinda like that but reversed.

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