CVG Review: Army of Two

CVG writes:

"When Ridley Scott revisited Alien to produce a director's cut, many fans were surprised that, rather than chuck a load of extra footage in, he actually cut a lot out. The resulting re-edit was tighter and scarier, turning a good movie into a great one. And so it is with Army Of Two. When we wrote our world exclusive review back in November, we found ourselves looking at a mostly fun game that had some serious flaws. It seems that EA shared our opinion, announcing (just hours after we went to press) that the game was to be delayed a few more months to allow the team to tweak it."

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Cwalat4189d ago

i'd say the average review score for Army of Two is around;


Sir Ken Kutaragi 34189d ago

I should of gone to EA!!! ;-D
Good reviews so far;)

Montrealien4189d ago

But where would the chalenge be? Not like you Phil, you should know better.

A few of my customers worked on this game, really happy for them, they worked their arses of in the..second, crunch time.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 34189d ago

I should of gone to EA!!! ;-D
Good reviews so far;)

BrianC62344189d ago

You should have stayed at Sony. Do you really think you can help that horrible company you just joined? I doubt it but good luck. You're going to need all the luck you can get.

As for Army of Two, it looks like EA got smart and fixed a lot of junk. I was reading about a lot of bad things in the game the last few months. I doubt it's as good as everyone was hoping for but at least it looks like it's a decent game.

Maldread4188d ago

This game has me thinking.. has EA actually gone off and made a very good game ? Is that even possible ?

Think i`ll have to try this one for myself in order to believe it. Just need a price drop on the PS3 first ;)

Rooted_Dust4188d ago

Well, by the law of averages it had to happen sometime. I only hope that they realize that making good games and generating positive press can help them more than making the same crap over and over again.