Circuit City Trading In HD DVD for Blu-Ray Players, Says Employee

According to a Circuit City employee in Chicago, the consumer electronics chain is trading in HD DVD players bought into their stores "within 3 months of the announcement," as opposed to their 30-day return policy. According to the internal memo announcing the demise of the format, they will either give customers a Blu-ray player-paying the price difference, if any-or a gift card. The trade-in, however, will not be widely promoted and it will be only made available if the customer asks for it.

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decapitator4182d ago

All is not lost yet guys, you still have a chance to get some of your money back. Unless of course you would want the HD DVD as a collectors item. I know it will be worth a lot in the future.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 34182d ago

Trade in a xBox360!!! for a PS3!!! ;-D
50p the LOT!!! ;-D

TruthBTold4182d ago

very good deal for those who regret getting the HDDVD player and want to change to Bluray. But I still think many people will want to keep the HDDVD player and will wait for BD players to drop more before they start buying them.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 34182d ago

What are Circuit City going to do with all those HD-DVD then???

fenderputty4182d ago

I don't know if toshiba is taking them back and using them as scrap. Isn't HD-DVD still around in the PC market? I know not for movies but, for storage mediums? Who knows ... I just have a hard time thinking that companies are willing to loose cash on these things just for us, the consumer.

meepmoopmeep4182d ago

that's considerate of them. most businesses wouldn't do such thing. i wonder what will happen to those players? scrap parts or something?

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The story is too old to be commented.