Xbox 360 Bully A Crash Ridden Mess - gamers go KRAZY

It may have only been available for a mere day in the US, but reports are already hitting that a multitude of gamers are finding themselves suffering from numerous crashes with Bully: Scholarship Edition on the Xbox 360.

Forums have been proverbially lit up with eager gamers discovering that split second freezes are an annoying regular occurrence, and full blown crashes forcing a full blown restart altogether.

Bit of a screw up really considering it's essentially a port of a blooming PS2 game. The shouts are a little too loud to be a handful of 360s about to suffer from the RRoD, so it seems that there could just be a major problem.

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decapitator5445d ago

That sucks. Here is to hoping GTAIV runs smoothly on both consoles. There are two things you could do about this though.

1) You could always get the PS2 or Wii version


2) Wait for an official fix from Rockstar for the 360 version.

InMyOpinion5445d ago

I remember having troubles with Oblivion freezing on me, until Bethesda released a patch that solved the problems.

leon765444d ago

But but but....i thought the x360 versions of all games had not any problems of freezing....I thought x360 versions of the games didn't need any patches..........At least Oblivion in my PS3 never froze and didn't need any patch at all........And Bully in my PS2 too..............

t-0_ot-5445d ago

Oh, man, I thought about getting this on my 360..Missed out on it for the Ps2.. But, hopefully they will release some sort of patch to fix it..

decapitator - I don't think GTA will have a problem considering it is a brand new make of a game.. Bully was a port from a last gen game and going to two different console brands..

Hmm.. I wonder if this is the canned xBox version of Bully?

cartman3135445d ago

Yeah hopefully they fix the issues for you guys. I have the PS2 one and it's a fun game.

Xeikon5445d ago

I think it's best to avoid all PS2 ports for the 360. As both Tomb Raider Anniversary and Phantasy Star Universe have major framerate issues and a few glitches.

NO_PUDding5445d ago

They are just very different architectures.

A lot of PS3 users have had to put up with early crappy ports, so the differences are even big in current gen consoles.

mighty_douche5445d ago

I dont believe it, MS test everything to death, they have the single greatest QA department of any company.

Us brits love our sarcasm.

eitherway, im sure a patch will be released shortly to clear the problem up.

Palodios5445d ago

kind of like how a patch for ps3 orange box and lair came along shortly? Add-ons, and fixing-the-entire-game patches are way different. Fixing a big mess takes some time, it probably won't be done until after GTA launches.

Syko5445d ago

Damn that sucks, I was looking forward to getting this game. However with Mass Effect still needing to be beat and "Bring Down the Sky" on the 10th I will be busy. Not to mention that I will be getting Hot Shots Golf and Lost Odyssey this month....Oh well will have to grab this one out of the bargin bin now.

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The story is too old to be commented.