More Final Fantasy III DS Details

A few small bits and pieces on the DS remake of Final Fantasy III...

PS360WII6199d ago

already sold 750,000! No wonder Square-Enix loves Nintendo again ^^

I'm looking very forward to this game. I just wish they would release some special ds lites with it like they did in Japan


'Final Fantasy III' – An 8-Bit Odyssey

Final Fantasy III is an adventure unlike any other, but one worth going back in time to experience.

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15 SNES Games That Still Hold Up Today

The SNES was probably the best all-around retro console in terms of its game library and the sheer number of hits that were released on the system. It’s no wonder that these 15 games are just a few of the SNES games that hold up today.

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Jiub717d ago

I spent so much time working on my farm in Harvest Moon

LiViNgLeGaCY717d ago

Dude same here. One of my most favorite childhood memories.

MadLad717d ago

Harvest Moon is goat.
Always will be.

ArmorOfGod717d ago

Nice job putting Contra 3 in the thumbnail twice 😂

Petebloodyonion717d ago

Why do these sites always go for the obvious top 10 best Snes games?
There are tons of Snes games that are never mentioned and are still fun to play today.

Games like :
- Super Punch out
- Axelay
- Demon's Crest
- Saturday Slammaster
- Run Saber
- Sunset Rider
- Out of this world

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Four Souls Is a Vinyl Release of Final Fantasy III's Most Iconic Tracks for 30th Anniversary

Square Enix has just announced that they'll be releasing Four Souls, a vinyl collection of iconic tracks from Final Fantasy III.

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