5 Days to Smash Bros. Brawl: Top 5 unfulfilled Brawl pipe dreams

Trying to console a child or a retarded person over the loss of a loved one is hard work. It helps to try and find ways to make the abstract emotions the grieving party is experiencing into concrete, tangible things that they can better understand and deal with. One utilization of this technique in grief therapy is to give the child/retarded person a helium balloon, tell them to imagine all the things they want to say to their deceased loved one, put those thoughts into the balloon, and let it sail off to heaven.

This post is a sort of make-shift, grief-packed helium gloom balloon for all the unfulfilled hopes, dreams, and wishes die-hard Smash Bros. fans had for Brawl, that were more or less crushed in the spoiler-quake that followed Brawl's Japanese release weeks ago.

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littletad4185d ago

......okay no I can't. I'm just thankful this game is coming out on a Sunday, right during spring break. Crafty Nintendo, very crafty.

Vulcan Raven4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

The article lacks a little political correctness. This game is going to kick royal A$$.