Eurogamer reviews Army of Two - It takes two to tango, whiskey, alpha, tango

The fine-tuned excellence of Army of Two's co-op gunplay will easily sustain you through one run through this gutsy, broadly enjoyable game. But the desire to revisit it is weak, and for game that's designed with social online play in mind that's a big problem. Any level of the current co-op king, Halo 3, has more spectacle and incident packed into it than the entirety of Army of Two; more that you'll want to relive in company over and over again. Bearing the strong Vs. mode in mind, it would be wrong not to warmly recommend this as a smart twist on a stupid shooter, but perhaps it should have taken itself a little more seriously after all.

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The Closing3904d ago

Yeah. I think I'll have to disregard this review right there.

Ravenator5293904d ago

what is the current online co-op king then?

Cwalat3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

i would probably guess, Gears of War...
And Resistance FoM,

Halo 3, Comon u gotta be kidding me ?
The only part Halo 3 shines is the Online Multiplayer modes and forge, the rest; Campaign, Co-op.. Basically Sukk..

anyways, this game is great if played Co-op alot, if your'e a singleplayer gamer then i'd guess this isn't a game for you.

toughNAME3904d ago

Which game outclasses Halo 3's 4 player co-op, online!

Sure hating on Halo is fun, but come on, nothings come close since

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arcadegoal3904d ago

Sounds like i will save my money on this one and wait for rainbow six 2 vegas. waiting waiting is all i ever do. ps3 needs some good games like soooon.

Ghoul3904d ago

dont know where you been around but i played many great games on the ps3 lately

SeanScythe3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

I have tons of good games for my ps3. Where do you live africa? I could understand you whinning if you lived there and had no games. The PS3 has a lot of good games you should get better taste in gaming if what is out is something you don't like.

The Closing3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

rainbow 6 was a run of the mill fps IP...

jinn3904d ago

eurogamer was too harsh

Killjoy30003904d ago

what a shame.
this game had a lot of potential too.