Vista SP1 up to 86% faster

Is Vista SP1 really the shot in the arm your Vista system needs? We've spent many hours strapped to our benchmarking system in a caffeine and pizza fuelled haze to uncover these very interesting results.

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mighty_douche4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Headline is very misleading, read the article, you soon see that SP1 does add some performance in certain area's but only very little, no where near 86% thats for sure.

I've all but given up on Vista now, hopefully MS just get on with Windows 7 becuase i have dual boot (vista/XP) and i spend more time with XP.

Gaara_7244000d ago

try haveing to [email protected] vistas in youre comp do u have anny idea how slow it will go compaird to when u onlty have 1? and i ka even delet them coz it wont alow me!

gamesR4fun4000d ago

amd dual core with 2 gigs of ram and a decent vid card and the thing barely runs with vista even after the update...
What a pos os.

BrianC62344000d ago

I don't have all these problems on my Vista laptop. Overall it runs fine. Sometimes IE7 crashes on certain sites but that's about it. Vista runs fine for me. No slow speed. My main problem is I upgraded my desktop to Vista 64 Ultimate and that was a waste of money. The 64-bit version isn't worth it.

I don't recommend upgrading an XP computer to Vista at all. You just don't get much you don't already have with Vista. If you bought a decent computer with Vista on it and don't need to use old hardware you'll probably be okay.

Of course, on my laptop I mostly just use the Internet. Maybe other programs run slow on Vista.

akaFullMetal4000d ago

does this sp1 cost money???

mighty_douche4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

No, like XP and previous MS OS's, Service Packs are released completely free of charge. They're basically just large updates.

Not even MS will charge you for updates to fix their problems (yet).

p.s. i didnt disagree, im not sure why anyone would.

4000d ago
ps360s4000d ago

Small change but is it any good...So I can upgrade to this right?! should I guys who has experience?

I do want to play Crysis with DX10

drewdrakes4000d ago

Ive had it installed for a few weeks now, no problems. Quicker boot and shut down times. Coming out of hibernation is instant (when i say instant, i actually mean instant).

season0074000d ago

maybe its due to people install vista in slow PCs and expect it to run as good as the old windows?

i personally run vista with Raid 0 on 2 raptors and have 4gb ram for it..(only 3.x) is addressed since i have my display memory

I see no reason not to switch to vista aside few old hardware driver runs smooth it boots fast and it doesn't really freeze up (with me).

If you are getting a new PC i would definitely recommend vista(7200rpm hdd at least right)but for laptops? I personally think then 5400rpm standard speed for laptop might be a little slow for vista

mmj4000d ago

It's still a really poor performing OS when compared to XP.

Apart from the flashy interface it's a major step backward in almost all areas.

craymoogy4000d ago

I had to downgrade it to XP. That damn thing can't stop accessing the HDD when I turn of the future look ahead thing.

Gosh, I hate vista.

drewdrakes4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I have no idea where youre getting your facts from. For me its performed amazingly. Have you used it much? It is undisputably better than XP on using RAM. I also greatly enjoy the quicksearch bar for programs. I just turned off Aero and the sidebar and its just awesome.

Also if youre finding it slow, go remove services if the company you bought your computer from didnt do it for you. There is a tablet PC service running constantly even on non-tablet PC's. Also if you didnt buy a computer with Vista installed, youre stupid and deserved the experience you got (btw check out ReadyBoost, despite your stupidity Microsoft thought of you).

incogneato4000d ago

crazymoog: It is "accessing your HD" because Vista is learning your patterns. This feature makes it 2 times faster than XP. Mine is faster than my stripped down XP in just about every way. It stops doing it after a few weeks or so. This can also be turned off.

It's funny how the people who complain never really know what they're talking about.

rmedtx8884000d ago

The main issue I had Vista when I had it was software compatibility. I think that is a bigger issue. About half the programs I had either didn't run or would not install.

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