Exclusive interview with AceyBongos have managed to grab Xbox Live Community Manger for Europe and the Middle East for a chat. Graeme Boyd aka Acey Bongos talks to 360monster about the possible 320gb Xbox, what your £40 a year actually pays for, Steps taking against bullying and lots more

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forcefullpower4001d ago

Where do these people learn there interviewing skills from.

That interview had nothing of interest at all

dvx uk4000d ago

How, it tells you were your £40 a year subscription goes, what paths to take if you were looking to do a similar job, Tells us what a day is like working for microsoft and o how could i forget, he also tells us that he drives a micra which i think is quite funny.

zZ Lazy Zz4000d ago

What else do you need to know about Microsoft's interest in the European gamer than that our equivalent of Major Nelson is only getting paid enough to drive a Nissan Micra and that his name is Acey Bongos? Sadly, Sony show about the same level of interest. How mad does that make me!!!!!