Custom Soundtracks for Wipeout HD

Theres only one thing sonyrumors love more then HD and thats Wipeout in HD. They have played the series since its PlayStation launch, now over 10 years ago. So here comes Wipeout HD with a butt load of new features, including 1080p 60fps, Online 8 player mode and now, custom soundtrack.

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freakyzeeky4189d ago

Ohh! Custom Soundtracks sounds awesome ^__^
Can't wait for WipeOut HD!

Kain814189d ago

i played on the Orginal PS.
good memories about that game.

omoshiroi4189d ago

Love Wip3out games. And now i have a 50" Bravia I can't wait to get online with this.
Wow, Wip3out, LBP, MGS4, Socom, Resistance 2, Killzone 2. FFXII...etc
this year is going to be nuts.

Vitalogy4189d ago

This one is already taking so long to came out :S can't wait that much i'm so excited xD

This will going to be the PS3 online BOOM! with millions of online players.

tweaker4189d ago

IDK whats the big deal about in-game custom soundtracks. Sorry please enlighten me. Why can't you simply just turn on your stereo, ipod, or computer?

Regret4189d ago

Agree. I'm doing so since ever.

jahcure4189d ago

I've asked myself this countless times and I never get it. On my 360 (before it ringed out) I maybe used custom tracks 2 times. My rig goes through my surround sound setup so it's not that difficult to pop my flash drive, cd or simply put the radio on and have it played through the speakers. You don't even need to get up to do that....that's why they invented remotes. In any event, I still can't convince myself to see the real necessity for custom tracks and i consider in game XMB the really pressing issue.
In game soundtracks FTL

RAF-TECH4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

It's simple. The way real Ingame XMB Music works is that it cuts out the Game's Music completely...without tampering with sound effects/voices etc.

The Way the 360 has done it is brilliant, You can plug USB, Stream PC, And even the IPOD.... and even if your playing the game and go to the dashboard... your custom music will still be playing.

And the best thing about it.. Is that 360 lets you play GAME SOUNDS & CUSTOM MUSIC at the same time.... meaning... same speakers.
Making you ONLY hear ONE BACKGROUND music.

btw. XMB Music is different from custom soundtracks. To the guy that swears he "owned" a 360
c'mon guys.. this is common sense

timmyp534189d ago

but keeping the sound effects. Its cool that some developers are doing it without XMB access. Yet we're all waiting for that glorious day when In-shirt XMB arises.

Skerj4189d ago

Makes the game that more immersive and personal for me at least. Also the effect isn't the same if you're playing from the PC or another audio source that isn't coming from the same direction of the video feed. The only game I've played on 360 with its original soundtrack was Saint's Row and that's because I loved the music in that game (Editors ftw). It was something I wanted to use more for the original Xbox when it had the ability but I couldn't use it for every game (Jet Set Radio Future made me cry) so when it was standardized for the next system I was happy.

Gears of War kicked so much ass with Mars Volta, At the Drive in, Smashing Pumpkins, and Rage Against the Machine as the soundtrack. I used Tricky, DJ Shadow, Unkle and other triphop and downtempo artists for Assassin's Creed and Hitman etc.

It's my most wanted feature for the PS3, topping sequential video playback (PSP does it wth!?) and ingame messaging because I'll play my games that much more when I can control the music. Play DMC4 for an extended period of time and you'll know for sure why people want it.

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The story is too old to be commented.