Gamedaily: MLB 08 The Show Review - 9/10

Gamedaily writes: " Sony misses the no-hitter, but still pitches a shut out with its enjoyable baseball game"

Overpriced hot dogs, the smell of roasted peanuts, watered down beer, bobble head night; none of these staples of baseball come with Sony's MLB 08: The Show. Instead, you'll just have to settle for it being one of the sweetest baseball games ever made. Sony's San Diego studio took an already great franchise and improved it exponentially, creating a stat-tracking monster that'll keep you entertained long after the final out in the World Series.

Right off the proverbial bat, you'll notice the game's remarkable presentation. Built from the ground up to harness the PlayStation 3's processing muscle, MLB explodes onto TV screens with well-designed and sweet looking menus, great music and phenomenal graphics and commentary. Stadiums resemble their real life counterparts, with thousands of people clogging the stands, playing with beach balls and attempting to snag foul balls. Players look excellent, animating beautifully and pulling out all sorts of impressive moves, from one handed grabs to shielding their eyes from the sun before making a catch; the more you play the game, the more you'll see all those little details that enhance the experience.

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sonarus4184d ago

great score. mlb2k9 needs to step up

ikkokucrisis4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

i loved the demo and i am even thinking of buying this game, which is amazing considering that i don't even watch baseball!

i think this Sony Studio should help out the one that is making NBA 09' too!