Mp3 on your Wii

In another episode of Iwata asks, something interesting was confirmed by Satoru Iwata (actually by the guy he interviewed). Anyway, let's just jump to the pertinent quote to get this over with. Here it is:

"Iwata: I'm sure that for many people, just being able to see their digital camera pictures on the big screen will feel really fresh. Pictures they've only ever seen either scrolling through them on a 2 or 3 inch screen or on their computer, they'll be able to easily view them on their living room TV. People will get into the habit of sticking their SD Card into the Wii as soon as they get home after they've taken pictures. I think that will change the way people view digital camera photographs.

Kawamoto: Another thing which people have really enjoyed is the Slide show function. This allows you to play music as the console automatically displays your pictures in turn. If you put MP3 files in your SD Card, you can have your favourite songs as background music to your Slide show."

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THWIP5902d ago

My 2 y.o. Sony HDTV can do that,and my XBOX 360 can as well...and then some. The REAL issue is what the Wii CAN'T play CDs, DVDs, or allow custom soundtracks for games, via ripped CDs on a HDD. When everyone thought the Wii would sell for $179-$199, it sounded like a great deal; now, at $250, it's looking more like a big ripoff.

nstott5902d ago

I always thought that guy lived in a bubble.

FinalFormKing235902d ago

Many people have a computer, and Ipod, and a DVD at home. So why does everyone make it a big deal about what the Wii doesnt have? Look what we DO have. Red Steel, Metroid, BW2, and much more. Not to mention the remote. That alone made me want one. So although everyone wants to point out what the Wii doesnt have, they need to realize what it DOES have.