Weekly Famitsu: Scores, Disgaea DS announced, GoW CoO and Mario Kart Wii scans

Scans from this week's issue of Famitsu:

Weekly scores:

Call of Duty 4 | 7-8-7-7(29/40)
Koinu no Heya | 6-6-6-6 (24/40)
Contra: Dual Spirit | 7-7-7-7 (28/40)
THE LEGEND OF KAGE 2 | 7-7-8-7 (29/40)
SIMPLE DS Series Vol.34 | 6-6-7-6 (25/40)
Mahou Nikakerarete | 7-7-7-6 (27/40)

SkaTE | 8-8-7-8 (31/40)

Skate | 8-8-7-8 (31/40)

Gow of War: CoO
Mario Kart Wii
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
Link's Crossbow Training

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blynx1824189d ago

I've never bought one of the other games but I'm definitely going for this one.

Mr_Kuwabara4189d ago

There is a Disgaea for the PSP btw.

ruibing4189d ago

But can it be as massive as the original Disgaea series? I hope they don't scale it down.

blynx1824189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

What the hell is "Gow of war: CoO"?
EDIT: Forget it I actually read the link.

Darkiewonder4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Laharl? Or would it be his son? Or was there another prince in D3?