Kotaku: Rumblings About Heavenly Sword 2

Yes, we're sure there will be a Heavenly Sword 2. It's already written! Heck, developer Ninja Theory would like to make it into a trilogy. But first, it needs the opinions of regular folks. According to one Kotaku tipster, that's exactly what Ninja Theory is doing. Last night, a focus group was held by these people was apparently in Chicago.

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slapsta723971d ago

by some of the changes

wish you still played as nariko

and DONT change the fighting system, i loved the three stance / colour coded blocking mechanic

but yeah, can't wait for the sequel

Baba19063971d ago

this wil lbe amazing.=D cant wait. i need nariko....

Kain813971d ago

cause HS was Super Awesome.
I enjoyed every minute of this epic Battle

Big Jim3971d ago

I hope the main character is Kai and not some dude. In fact, I would rather the main character be Kai and not Nariko.

ruibing3971d ago

Yeah, she would make a really awesome main character.

tweaker3971d ago

I thought Kai was retarded.

Big Jim3971d ago

Shes as retarded as she is hot.

Bolts3971d ago

Mental chicks are only fun for a few days then you wake up and realize what a horrible mistake you just made.

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The story is too old to be commented.