LAZRTV trademarked by Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi trademarks multiple names for its uber-HDTV. The "LAZRTV" is a rear projection set that is said to display twice the color of current HDTV's.

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Caph4182d ago

How much will these babys cost..

Syko4182d ago

I just purchased a new Samsung TV that has an LED light engine. The "Laser" TV's are essentially the same as "LED" Projection TV's. So in reality while "Laser" TV's aren't out yet the near identical "LED" technology is already out.

Having owned this TV for around a month or two now, I can say with certainty it is the most impressive TV I have ever watched. On top of my own opinion people that come to my house and watch it say it is the most amazing thing they have ever seen.

The brightness on the TV is nearly blinding at times if you have the Sun or something in the movie...Hell even the PS3 Planet audio background thing is unreal bright when the Sun comes from behind Earth.

Considering RPTV's have always had a Size/Cost ratio much better than LCD and Plasma I wouldn't expect this to be to much more than the current Samsung LED model line.

Here is a link with some info on what I am talking about: