8.9 million U.S consumers willing to pay PS3's full price

All ye analysts who predicted that the PS3 has priced itself out of the next-gen console wars, prepare to eat crow (if you're in the US), humble pie (if you're in the UK), bad sushi (for Japanese analysts) or stuff your face with your foot (for everyone else on the planet).

According to Interpret, an LA-based global research firm, 8.9 million U.S. consumers are willing to pay the full price for the PS3 (US$ 500 or US$ 600). In the same survey, only 5.7 million consumers said they will buy the much cheaper Wii (US$ 250) while only 800,000 consumers will shell out US$ 300 - US$ 400 for the Xbox 360.

Interpret says that the actual PS3 sales will be limited only by Sony's availability to supply the rabid demand for the PS3, while Microsoft is expected to hit bumps at its current price. Of course, the Xbox 360 has already sold a few units since its launch, so less new purchases are expected. However, the firm says the availability of the PS3 and Wii will further test the Xbox 360's drawing power which has been unchallenged since its debut almost a year ago.

Dante16262d ago

I bet if it were Xbox 360 it would be true and not BS!

Dante16262d ago

I bet if it were Xbox 360 it would be true and not BS!

Dante16262d ago

So i'm guessing we will get like12 to 20 M PS3 sold before a price drop is needed, then we get a few more million, and eventually 10 of million casual gamers start buying it and it's another round one by Sony!

FordGTGuy6262d ago

because the 360 has been out for over a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

specialguest6262d ago

i think this is somewhat true to an extent. you have to keep in mind that the majority of gaming consumers don't get up to date insider info like we do. we read about the good/bad news everyday and we're more informed than the casual gamers. the casual gamers only see the positives of the PS3. (casual gamers)"wow! cellchip, 1080p res. and a cheap Blu-Ray player! wow!"

scriptkiddie6262d ago

"the casual gamers only see the positives of the PS3. (casual gamers)"wow! cellchip, 1080p res. and a cheap Blu-Ray player! wow!"

Most casual gamers don't know what a cell chip is, and 1080P and couldn't care less about BlueRay. At least most everyone i know including most all parents that i know.

TheMART6262d ago

Major bull this is and virtually impossible.

I am believing the sales @ Xmas when Gears of War will sell 360 and no PS3

Tut6262d ago

The stores carrying XBox 360's better hope so as well as Microsoft. All of the stores in my area are having a hard time selling them, which was first an assumption then proved by an employee at my Best Buy who I bought my TV from. I have already seen a bunch in pawn shops (thank you crackheads and meth addicts), being sold for parts, and as "trade-ins" at a few of my local game stores. I actually find that kind of comical, but at the same time I want them to sell.

How many units SOLD are they up to now? I don't care about shipped units, they mean nothing.

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qalpha2d ago

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