Vista copy protection cracked, totally, for real

Engadget writes:

"They've finally, really done it. Your good friends in the hacking community have apparently come up with a solution to get you Vista -- should you want it -- activation free. According to a report, there's now a cracked, full version of Vista floating around that totally circumvents that cumbersome and costly activation process. The crack supposedly stems from OEMs (and end users) that were fed up with that process, and somehow persuaded Microsoft to pull an up-up-down-down maneuver and make the OS work, sans activation. The software utilizes System-Locked Pre-Installation 2.0, embeds OEMs BIOS files (signed by Microsoft), and passes all of the company's Windows Genuine Advantage checks. Of course, maybe it's possible that the folks in Redmond care more about users adopting Vista than they care about them paying for it. Nah, probably not."

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riksweeney4000d ago

Service Pack 1 fixes this issue

BrianC62344000d ago

I hope Service Pack 1 makes me want to reinstall Vista. If not these guys cracked something nobody cares about. Vista so far is a big dud. It isn't trash but it also isn't worth upgrading to. It really doesn't do much XP can't already do.

JsonHenry4000d ago

My buddy has been using Vista Ultimate 64 bit for a month now and he got it as a torrent. This must be what he got.

Personally, I am happy with XP at this point. But when I upgrade later this month to 8 gigs of RAM I am going to have to purchase Vista. Still debating on what version to get though.

BrianC62344000d ago

Is your buddy having any problems with Vista Ultimate 64? I own it and installed it on my home desktop and I removed it because it was pretty bad. Just too much stuff doesn't work with it. The problem is 64-bit still isn't fully supported and sometimes you can't install a 32-bit version of a program on a 64-bit Windows computer.

If I'm going to go through the trouble of upgrading I want it to give me features worth upgrading for. I wanted a 64-bit Windows. But it just isn't worth using.

wageslave3999d ago


Here's a good comparison of the versions:

Here's a good place to find the best price of each:

SupraDOHC3999d ago

There is a 30 day activation timer that can be reset up to 3 times by simply doing one command in a DOS window. I dont remember it off the top of my head as I haven't used it since shortly after Vista came out last year. I dont use Vista for my personal use but will sell it if a customer requests it.

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Scenarist4000d ago

i have a automated install version with no activation needed i dont use it tho ... fawk vista

Yi-Long4000d ago

... I have a legal OEM version, but sadly it's the 32 bit version.

I have no reason to install an illegal version just yet, but upgrading to a 64 bit version would certainly be my first reason.

...and Europeans always being overcharged would be my 2nd reason for not wanting to give MS any of my money.

BrianC62344000d ago

Don't bother upgrading to 64-bit Vista. It isn't worth it. Too much still doesn't work under it. If you don't mind your computer being incompatible with some programs and even hardware go ahead but overall Vista 64 just isn't worth it.

wageslave3999d ago

Europeans arent "overcharged" it is a different market, with different price schedules and conditions that are outside of MS's control.

SupraDOHC3999d ago

They are constantly getting sued over there for monopoly/anti-trust cases.

iMad4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

that is why MS software is so popular all over the world.
and that is why MS software security so weak.
MS acts like a trojan horse

They gain more from piracy then loose. People who pay will always pay. People who don't pay will never do. SO why loose those people as potential customers who might pay in future?

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