New Persona 3: FES trailer

Atlus published a new Persona 3: FES trailer. The game will be released in USA at April 22.

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soul4188d ago

oh man, day one. can't wait!

4188d ago
Fade_Walker4188d ago

April 15-Okami

April 22-Persona 3: FES

April 29-GTA IV

damn, i am going to be broke at the end of April lol

The Wood4188d ago

came out last week in the uk. Getting used to the persona merging and social links was a bit different but ive not played an rpg like this in a while

littletad4188d ago

No one really touches atlus for your anime/game fix.

tweaker4188d ago

They should port this as a PSN game.

Skerj4188d ago

It's 30 bucks though, just pick it up and play it BC or on a PS2. They need to put the first 2 on PSN though, and probably Persona 2: Innocent Sin, THAT would be freaking dope. P3 is my second favorite RPG of all time, beating Nocturne, Chronotrigger, Vagrant Story, and Panzer Dragoon Saga. Nearly got to Xenogears status(which will remain #1 forever) if it weren't for the needless load times. Nocturne, DDS1&2, and Devil Summoner didn't have many load times, I have no idea why P3 did.

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