Report: 10Mbps broadband in 33 million homes by 2012

A study from Texas-based research firm Parks Associates predicts that 33 million US households will have broadband connections of 10Mbps or faster by 2012. As of the end of 2007, that figure stood at 5.7 million, which means that a lot of change will have to occur in the US market for that 33 million figure to become a reality.

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Storm233999d ago

Wish I had 10Mbps, that would be awesome. About 8 times faster than I have now.

Lord Anubis3999d ago

I have 6 megabits but it sometimes slow.

if you guys can help me maybe we can get onto something.

My ISP is comcast. Usually when I play COD4 (PS3) my connections gets slower, I noticed because i only have one bar and thus I get delay reactions and shots but everyone continues normally because their connection continues the same, however, I have noticed that when I switch to games like Warhawk or resistance the low connection remains for a minute or so and goes back up. Perhaps it has to do with the server vs P2P but I'm very much well aware that Comcast is trying to control P2P network (netneutrality) so it could be that comcast is limiting my bandwidth when I play games like COD4 P2P confusing it for bit torrent network?.

Has that happened to you guys?
Can you guys confirm.

Harry1903999d ago

a 6mbps pack.from rogers,canada.i'm totally
ignorant when it comes to technical stuff,
but do i need to worry f my max actual download speed(when i'm
getting a file,not p2p)is around 800kbps or is this normal?

Lord Anubis3999d ago

depends if it happens on peak hours or late at night. If it happens on peak hours when commercial buildings and other house holds are using the internet your ISP (Rogers) will not have enough bandwidth to supply everyone. However there has been a lot of debate on net neutrality where the ISP wants to control how much bandwidth you use and perhaps charge you if you use more bandwith than what you are allowed.

Vulcan Raven3999d ago

If you look at your contract it says speeds up to, so you could actually be getting 1mbps or upto the 6 you pay for. I find 10 hard to believe as most companies don't deliver on 6. Test your connection at

Kakkoii3999d ago


A 6MB connection doesn't mean you download at speeds of 6 megabytes.

MB stands for Megabits.

A 6MB Connection has a max speed of 750KB a second.
Which is 3/4's a Megabyte every second.

So if your getting 800KB on a 6MB connection.. Then the answer to your question is, Hell yes.

Bleyd3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

MB stands for MegaByte
Mb stands for Megabit

The difference between the two is huge. MB is 8 times the size of Mb. Also when speaking in terms of communication there are all kinds of other bits of information being passed along with what you're downloading so roughly it comes out to about 10 times the size. You can optimize your connection settings to get more out of your connection than just the factor of 10 though. If you have a 6Mb connection then that's 6 Megabits and not MegaBytes. That roughly comes down to about 750 KBps if you've optimized your connection for large MTUs and so on. That was KiloBytes for those of you not able to follow the difference in capital letters. What's confusing to most people is that Windows shows the transfer of the file in terms of Bytes and not bits which makes people think that they're not getting all the speed that they were supposed to have been promised.

I hope that clears some things up.

Ben10543999d ago

in england the average is already like 8mbps, theres already 20mbps out,
im paying 5 pound a month for 8mbps and 20gb download limit

Kakkoii3999d ago

Ben, I'm guessing your using Cable internet?

Yes, with Cable internet those speeds are available.

Here in Canada I can get a 25Mb connection if I switch to cable.

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cmrbe3999d ago

Thats another 4 years min for the States. Rest of the world. Try 15 years or more.

bumnut3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

im on 10 mb in the uk now, over fiber so no losses.

it was upgraded from 4 mb to 10 for free.

and they also do 20 mb, and will be releasing 50 mb later this year

Captain Tuttle3999d ago

Has 20 Mbs right now with Verizon over fiber optic and he has the option to go as high as 100mbs if he wanted to pay for it. Fast speeds are coming.

gta_cb3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

i am on Fiber optic cable aswell, also just known as cable lol =p although i have a 20MB connection =D and on average i get 19.2mbps so im extremely happy and so are all of my friends as they get me to host all the games online hehe =D

forgot to say i also live in the UK and hopefully when the 50MB broadband comes out there will be a free upgrade for us as we have the top "package" with our ISP

PimpHandStrong3999d ago

how many house holds have or will have dvd players. Now how many of those have HD TV's.

2012 gives Blueray enough time to make a serious foothold in the HD market. I wonder how DD will be going be then?

Kleptic3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

is that what this is about?...I didn't read the article...just wanted to point out that 33 million homes is nothing in terms of nation wide...DD won't become a mass market medium until the US and other territories reach Korean levels of connectivity...

Don't forget that there are still MAJOR sections of the United States that do not even have access to <1.0mbps broadband connections...or cell phone service for that matter...

EDIT: just read yeah, w/e...its almost annoying that the focus for even higher speed bandwidths is for city areas, when smaller areas still don't have access to anything other than dial-up (or satellite if you are blatantly retarded)...

ShinFuYux3999d ago

Then I'll get it.

But right now: their 768kps is their cheapest (17$) so I went for that.

Expy3999d ago

1 out of 10 people? Not likely in 4 years. Maybe 7 or so.

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