Editorial: PIck A Model And Go With It, Sony

The PS3 is coming up all roses lately, but Sony really needs to stop this constant stream of new models. How will consumers ever be drawn in when the promise of yet another model is looming on the horizon; what's with all this upgrading? Isn't that limited to the PC realm?

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pwnsause4001d ago

if thats said about the PS3, then how about the 360?

MikeGdaGod4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

yeah because no matter the sku, they all have WiFi, HDD, USB ports, Blu-ray, remote play and free online. everything else is extra.

i have a 60gb sku but i rarely use the memory stick slots (only for the PSP) and i never play PS2 or PS1 games, so bc isn't important to me at all. i do use the two extra USB ports (one for the Eye, other for the 60gb HDD that came with the system thats now in an external case).

120gb + 60gb = ready for the PSN Video Store

Ghoul4001d ago

at least the ps3 only differes in hd size and bc compatibility

and not on crucial compnents like the different 360 versions,

normal, premium, falcon board, hdmi, elite, arcade,

Real Gambler4001d ago

They just follow the trends. People want fushia and mint green. They deliver.

Ipod would be dead if they would have stuck with the original model. And people are not as stupid as you think. They read before they buy anything expensive. They can make the diffence.

toughNAME4001d ago

I think there are bigger problems that should be dealt with first.

meepmoopmeep4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

oh so you actually agree that the 360 is the only one with different SKU's with different hardware. good to see you aren't as bias as you usually are.

toughNAME4001d ago

read my comment again

trust me, I'm still biased

Asurastrike4001d ago

Xbox 360 Core
Xbox 360 Premium
Xbox 360 Elite
Xbox 360 Elite HDMI
Xbox 360 Arcade

Am I missing anything?

Paradigm4001d ago

Elite and Elite HDMI are the same the thing. The Elite model had a HDMI output since it was released.

You can add Premium HDMI to youe list.

AlterEgo4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Xbox 360 Halo Edition?

Eddie201204001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Remove Elite HDMI
and add Premium HDMI

With PS3 there has only two versions in production at one time. With Xbox 360 there has been 4 versions in production at one time.

Core, Premium, Elite, Halo 3

funkysolo4001d ago

The only difference between the console is the harddrive and backward ...It be different if won console didn't come with a harddrive and one didn't have hdmi, or wifi..oh wait that's the 360...

Asurastrike4001d ago

PS3 20GB
PS3 40GB
PS3 60GB
PS3 80GB

They all come with upgradable harddrives. If anything, they should stop making new models because they are all essentially the same.

Leathersoup4001d ago

Wouldn't it be easier for these companies to package the hard drive's separately and allow you to make a "combo" purchase at the store?
Seriously, if you walk in and are able to buy the console and receive a hard drive with it for a discounted price, it would allow for one SKU.
I admire Sony for their use of standard hard drives in their system as compared to Microsoft's "u bai our crap" mentality, but I'd heard that they'd changed other things between the SKUs such as removing/adding ports not that that's a huge deal seeing as most of the stuff that you need for the PS3 is built in.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4001d ago

20 and 60gb models are discontinued so there are only two now.

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