Kombo Review: Army of Two Takes Co-op to the Next Level

Kombo Writes: "Final Word
What Ao2 nails cooperative mode and it nails it with perfection. The single-player starts to show some cracks in the bullet proof armor and you peel more problems from there. Admittedly, the problems are minor and you never have to play the game solo if you have access to the internet. Still, the way Ao2 was constructed, the single-player mode barely holds a candle to the co-op, that is how highly tuned that experience is. If you are looking for a co-op experience that will amaze you more than a trip to Alice's Wonderland, Ao2 will take you down its own rabbit hole."

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Asurastrike4186d ago

I'll probably buy this if my friends do. Co cop looks fun but single player looks lacking.

Guwapo774186d ago

I'm going to have to second that. A friend of mine is freaking out over this game. All he talks about is how much face hes going to rape online. As his boy, I gotta support him and rape some face.

For a couple weeks until Rainbow 6 TWO comes out.

ParaDise_LosT4186d ago

EA actually pulled a good game out of their ass....
with all the good reviews, i can't help but give this game the benefit of the douubt...

angel199x4186d ago

yeah im getting abit tired of cod4, was waiting for vegas2 but this should tie me down for a fornight or so while.. co-op with 8.5/10 is ok in my book.. hell i even liked kane and lynch so this has to be better than that.