The TRUE Evolution of Mario - How Far We've Come

This article takes a look at the evolution of Mario, concentrating on the experience of his journey through time. It features an entertaining memoir and a well-made video that tracks Mario through the ages. Take a look at this excerpt:

"It is pretty amazing how far we've come in the past 20 years. Technology has improved by leaps and bounds and our favorite Italian plumber has transformed before our eyes. The video, so kindly created by SBR member Warchamp7, admittedly leaves out some Mario titles. We all can notice the lack of Jumpman, of course. But it doesn't really need every title; it isn't all about accuracy. Examining the true evolution of Mario is about getting a sense of the journey that our favorite Italian plumber has taken through time. It's about remembering our experiences with him along the way."

Check it out and reminisce!

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kewlkat0074186d ago

Nintendo never pushes the Hardware barrier and really Mario has not changed. He has made plenty of appearances in other games but Mario 3 was the Mario that was the real big upgrade. Everything else just became 3-D on the 64.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 34186d ago

Mario Mario Mario Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

PS360WII4186d ago

That was pretty cool. That guy is almost too good at Mario

Bleucrunch4186d ago

That was a cool video, I love mario it will always sell but who I really love is my boy Sonic!