Gears of War shipping with 10 MP Maps

In a post on the Epic Games' official forums, Cliffy B has revealed that Gears of War will ship complete with ten multiplayer maps. Previously the number had been set cautiously at eight, but now it appears we'll be getting ten.

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Dancryer5902d ago

Fantastic news thx, Although Im wondering why jedicurt, onlyiowadolfan & Dante1 voted this story as 'lame' ???

Or need i ask ...

Optimus Prime5902d ago

because they have to settle for resistance.

xtopher5902d ago

All the levels and good graphics on a DVD. who would have guessed. Cant wait to buy GOW!!

TheMART5902d ago

Dante1 is a Sony fanboy but that was already known by his posts.

By the way, this story was posted before, a couple of days ago if I'm right. But getting 10 MP maps instead of 8 is news that may be heard often ofcourse ;)

2tired2day2hate5902d ago

its the 7th or 8th depending on which gamestop employee you ask. they said they would for sure have my copy on the 8th. everywhere on the internet says the 12th for some reason. says 7th