Steve Jobs questioned on Apple's video games strategy

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his executive team addressed a wide range of questions from investors Tuesday. The company's annual meeting inside its headquarters in Cupertino, California, concluded with an hour-long question and answer session with shareholders, which opened up with a question to Jobs on Apple's goals in the video games market.

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Lord Anubis4182d ago

in other words they are doing nothing.

foodbox4182d ago

apple doesnt have a prayer in the games business.

I do forsee them going after the Wii with AppleTV.

But the big titles? No. They'd have to build a proper console, and it would cost $1500.

ps3 is my champion4182d ago

Even though I love MacOsX and the physical design of mac computers, I pretty much hate them just as much as I do Microsoft.

Leathersoup4182d ago

The weird thing is that they just had id and EA say that they would be releasing games for Apple. Has that changed?

RAY0174182d ago

They should make the iPS4. jejeje!

ps3 is my champion4182d ago

My white Macbook side by side my 60gig Ps3 both hooked into a high end 24 inch Pc monitor. I actually use my Macbook as a reciever for all my Ps3 sound via optical and a program called line-in, haha. My Macbook is my Ps3's bitc* nothing more lol; and together they are my "hybrid" pc, and I can run things like WoW and Css pretty decent over the Macbook, so I really dont need to upgrade my old ass pc(that is custom built ofcourse), until SC2 comes out, but more than likely my Macbook will run that decently as well. O yea, I sit at a desk to play my console games. Sorry for the rant.

Dragonopolis4182d ago

provide better tools and integration into the OS so that the gaming community can pump it up. Apple should really look into creating some kind of API like DirectX to aid developers in connecting the hardware with the software(OS). Apple does a pretty good job with easy to use tools and integration and Applefied OpenGL spinoff, DirectX, or maybe something entire new would be a great help to the Gaming Community.

After all it would be another great marketing spin for apple that would get press. The could add it to the rest of the Quartz family but give it more of a zippy name like Quartz G or whatever.

Apple is losing out on a huge market and there are a ton of people who would drop Windows in a heartbeat for an Apple if it had huge PC Gaming Potential.

But maybe that is the real secret maybe Steve knows that Apple couldn't handle the flock of mass exodus of Window users flocking over to the now totally awesome Mac gaming experience. Apple would have to then deal with the bad press as 1000's of Apples would be on back order and Apple refuses to open up to cheaper manufactures for fear of losing quality control.

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