1UP Reviews: MLB 2K8 - A new pitching meter demands serious attention

1UP writes: Last season, MLB 2K7 stormed out of the gate with visuals as sharp as the 1984 Detroit Tigers (who started a sparkling 35-5), but the action on the virtual diamond dragged the experience down over time. By season's end, the issues made us feel like we were crawling to the finish line like the 2007 Mets (who dropped 12 of their last 17 games to lose the NL East to the Phillies).

This year, the game has junked its poorest parts and replaces them with some seriously innovative goodies -- but there are a handful of reasons why we're not jumping for joy and declaring this the must-play baseball title of 2008. For starters, the new pitching meter is a serious feat -- it's up there with the first generation of NHL 07's skill stick in the chance-taking category. You make three gestures with the right analog stick for each pitch, and any of these gestures can turn your corner-painting fastball or 12-6 hook into a belt-high meatball (seriously, it's called a meatball if you toss up a dud). If you up the difficulty level, you'll need Johan Santana-like focus; otherwise, you'll turn even the biggest stadiums into a bandbox.

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