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As a single player experience, Army of Two is a fine game -– one that manages to provide a fun, engaging time despite its length, AI issues and elements that don't seem fully implemented. However, it's really co-op play and multiplayer where the game stands out, and these two modes will most likely keep you playing for a long time. Considering that the game has been designed with this style of play in mind, it works very well, and players that want to take on the life of mercenaries will most likely enjoy its story and multiplayer battles.

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ruibing4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Hmm, if they have at least one studio that finally got a handle on the PS3 platform, maybe there's hope for EA yet...

beast4191d ago

Burnout Paradiese

xplosneer4190d ago

Oops unreval got to it first :P

beast4191d ago

I was thinking of Crysis on PS3 when i was typing. But u r right i meant criterion as current studio ps3 champ from EA.

Thanks Ureval

kingofps34191d ago

Bad AI in a co-op game?! Whats the need for co-op then?

The Closing4191d ago

They also gave that cute little fuzzy critter game smash bros brawl a 9.5 so I would take it with a grain of salt. Although the site is pretty dead on a lot of the times.

DiabloRising4191d ago

That's a pretty good score. I don't get why some people...

1) Use reviews to judge instead of inform about a purchase.

2) Use them as fact, not opinion.

3) Think that anything below a 9.5 is crap. There's a 10 point scale for a reason, with 5 being average.

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The story is too old to be commented.