BluRay drives hit $200

It looks like the death of HD-DVD is already starting to pay off, with BluRay drive makers ramping up production and prices dropping rapidly.

A search of PC parts price search engine shows a Lite-on BD-ROM drive can be purchased for as little as $203 -- a huge improvement on the $1500 prices for the very first BluRay drives that came onto the market. (UPDATE: A Pioneer BluRay combo drive is available for even less - $199.)

This Lite-On can read BluRay at 4X speeds, write to DVD at 12X and CDs at 32X. Interestingly, the much higher density BluRay disks have a slower seek speed than the more basic CD and DVD formats. It takes the drive 350ms to hone in on the right part of a BluRay disk, while it takes just over half that time for a CD or DVD.

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Massacre4185d ago

Sony, if you are reading this I just like to say a few things:



decapitator4185d ago

Gotta agree with you there homie. Price cut is eminet for sure. I mean, I knew this would happen but not this quickly.

sonarus4185d ago

yep. Cut the price of ps3 cut the price of stand alone. But do it around the time for mgs4 release:). Sony says the bundle is 500 but last min they change it to 400 making the bundle simply irresistable and securing their lead over the xbox360

4185d ago
gonzopia4185d ago

This seems to have shut down all the skeptics who believe that thanks to the death of HD-DVD, Blu-ray players and discs would remain pricey due to a lack of competition.

You guys were wrong.

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EZCheez4185d ago

I thought BD-ROM drives had been in the $200 range for a while now.

It's the stand-alone players people will be putting in their entertainment centers that need to hit lower prices.

Leathersoup4185d ago

With the PS3 being the cheapest "quality" Blu-Ray system out there it was a no brainer to pick it up. This boosted sales of the system.
If there are alternatives to picking up the PS3 people might do that instead.
So basically... what I'm saying... is ... I agree with the people above. :) Sony drop the price. But I probably won't pick up a system until there's a Dual Shock controller packed in with it ;)

meepmoopmeep4185d ago

no this article is about Blu-ray drives for COMPUTERS.. not standalone players

meepmoopmeep4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

i still don't find BD very good for data storage. HDD's are bigger, cheaper and more durable. BD's are great for movies though.

i have a ps3 but a price drop would be good, heck i might just get another ps3 if the price is right.

Tyrael4185d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again, we have to thank the format war for at least one good result; although the fight took forever, at least the price points became more competitive at a sooner time.

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The story is too old to be commented.