The Making of Fable 2 - Peter Molyneux spills the beans on this epic RPG

Gameplayer writes: Gameplayer spoke to Lionhead Studios' public face Peter Molyneux about his project Fable 2.

GP: What's been the most satisfying moment working on Fable 2 so far?

PM: Being able to refine, redefine, reinvent and resculpt all the choices taken in the original Fable and then putting in more features will hopefully make Fable 2 a truly great game. That moment came to fruition last summer when we played through a level called Ravenscar for the very first time.

GP: With Fable 2's scale of ambition, have you ever worried that you've bitten off too much?

PM: Seriously, I worry about that every day. For me a lot of what we are trying to do is ridiculously ambitious, but then being ambitious is never easy, I suppose. We just want to make sure that in the end Fable 2 is a gaming experience unlike any other.

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Boldy4188d ago

I just hope that everything that he wants makes it into the game. He has so many great ideas, but some just don't make the cut.

Shadow Man4188d ago

I'm currently playing Fable the lost chapters, and man the game is awesome. And I'm not a big fan of rpgs, but I have play FFX & XII.

SnakeDiesinMGS44188d ago

Fable: Lost Chapters is terrific. Probably the best time I ever had in a game. Need any tips on the best weapons? ;)

power of Green 4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

I really wish PS3 fanboys wouldn't post 360 news.

You always know what to expect when this Sony fanboy posts 360 news.

Atleast its 99% positive, I figure the appeal was that dude was asking if F2 is going to add up this time hence the PS3 fanboy posting this.

Don't reply we see all your news post history.