GameSpot Reviews God of War: Chains of Olympus

Like Grand Theft Auto and Syphon Filter before it, God of War successfully pulls off a console experience on a handheld. Some new ideas and a better mixture of puzzles, platforming, and bosses would have been divine, but Chains of Olympus is an excellent game that delivers most of what you've been praying for--more God of War.

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rofldings4890d ago

Too hard for gamespot again?

resistance1004890d ago

lol have a bubble for that.

Still i'm amazed theres still people left at gamespot to review the games

Harry1904890d ago

that's could have been a
whole lot worse

Spinner4890d ago

Gamespot just loves being unique.

It's the only way I can explain them being the only ones giving this game under a 9/10.

ruibing4890d ago

Why do they always ask for something new in the gameplay? And then when a game does have a lot of extra variety, it will get criticized for doing too much.

Marceles4890d ago

Too hard for Aaron Thomas again.

sonarus4890d ago

i respect gamespot from time to time. 8.5 coming from gamespot really isn't bad but then again they give halo 9.5. I see them as harsh reviewers but they gave halo 9.5?

mikeslemonade4890d ago

Gamespot is bias and are a bunch of Microsoft money hats.

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Charlie26884890d ago

So its a 9 in the real world...ok :)


It's Gamespot in a PS game. You see that "score for this review" part? It should read as "What are you doing? Move your fat @ss to nearest video game store and buy this now/10"

pwnsause4890d ago

no, they've been on crack since the launch of the PS3. Now they're just on PCP.

killax35634890d ago

He's the same guy who gave Rachet and Clank a 7.5 right? This guy is terrible at reviewing playstation games. I hope he'd quit GS to make that place a better website.

ozhuerta4890d ago

Please, shut up, idiot.

-EvoAnubis-4890d ago

Yeah . . . because it's "only" 7 hours long.

It's a goddamn PSP game! What are they expecting, an 80 hour epic adventure?

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The story is too old to be commented.